The Best Pool Float To Get This Summer, Based On Your Favorite Animal

You've probably seen hundreds of pool floats you want in your life this summer. They're sold in all of your favorite stores, because inflatables are essential for beach getaways, lazy summer hangs with your besties, and all of your pool selfies. You need to get your hands on at least one, but with an endless amount of options, it can be pretty overwhelming picking out the right one for you. Can't we have them all, though?! If you're an animal lover, the decision process should be a whole lot easier. This list of animal pool floats will seriously speak to your soul, and you'll be floating in style in just about no time.

Whether you're a cat lover, zebra fan, or into mystical creatures like unicorns, there is a pool float that's ready to take on summer with you. By now, you know exactly what your favorite animal is. You've confirmed it with many personality quizzes taken over the years, and besides, we've all chosen our Harry Potter patronuses, right? So, the decision has already been made for you. Now, all you have to do is choose your pool float from these 10 options. Get ready to make a splash in style.

A Butterfly Floaty, For A Super Fly Summer

Swimline Blue Butterfly Inflatable Pool Float Lounger, $28.59, VM Innovations

Spread your wings while floating on this butterfly pool float from Swimline, the originators of the infamous swan float that took over the 'Gram. This blue butterfly will look picture-perfect chilling on the sparkling water. If you're looking for something a bit more regal, get yourself a Monarch butterfly float.

Cat Lovers Will Be Saying, "Check Meow-t" On This Float

Swimline Inflatable Purrrfect Kitty Swimming Pool Float, $29.59, VM Innovations

Calling my fellow cat lovers: This float is for you. Cats don't love being near the water, but this floaty will be there to help you relax the summer away in the pool. You'll be soaking up the sunshine, and feline good in just about no time.

Seas The Day On This Manatee Float

Swimline Giant Inflatable Manatee Ride-On, $20.99, VM Innovations

It's no sea-cret why you love manatees. Just look at that sweet face and try not to swoon! Don't you want to give this adorable floaty a hug before you take a dip in the pool? It'll surely be the perfect companion to float into summer with.

The Purrfect Float For Tiger Lovers

Swimline Giant Tiger Swimming Pool Float, $40.99, VM Innovations

Tigers are such majestic creatures in the wild. It's no wonder why you favorite them. You've got the "eye of the tiger" and want to make a fierce splash on the 'Gram with this pawsome float, and I support that.

For The Zebra Lover

Swimline Zebra Ride-On Inflatable Swimming Pool Float, $36.19, VM Innovations

What's black-and-white-striped, and floating your way? Oh, it's this zebra pool float. Not only will this floaty look amazing with your favorite black bikini, but look at that smiling face! It's cute AF.

For The Hippopotamus Fan

Swimline Giant Inflatable Hippo Ride-On Pool Float, $40.99, VM Innovations

Hippos are known for taking a dip, so they're no strangers to the water. Instead of swimming below the water, this hippo floaty will now have its day in the sun. Your 'Gram will definitely be hipper with a pic of you and your hippo float having some fun.

This Giraffe Float Is Too Cute For Words

Swimline Giant Inflatable April The Giraffe Ride-On Pool Float, $37.19, VM Innovations

Your friends will easily spot you in the pool when your float has the tallest neck around. Plus, these beautiful creatures are a bright yellow and brown, which is the perfect summer color palette to have as a backdrop for your sunglasses selfies.

For The Elephant Fan

Swimline Giant Inflatable Elephant Ride-On Pool Float, $38.09, VM Innovations

Let's talk about the elephant in the pool. It's this inflatable that is so dang adorable. You know your pool selfies will look ele-phantastic when you're striking a pose on this float.

This Unicorn Float Is A Rainbow Dream Come True

Big Unicorn, $59, Kololo

If you're all about magical creatures, you'll fall head over heels for this unicorn float. Let's get to the point here. From the rainbow tail to the golden horn, this unicorn has everything you'd want for the most perfect day spent at the beach.

If You Love Narwhals, You'll Be Happy This Float Exists

Giant Narwhal, $59, Kololo

You'll have a whale-y good time with this float. Narwhals are basically like the unicorns of the sea, and you'll want to bring a little bit of rainbow magic on your summer vacay. Plus, this inflatable will look so sweet paired with a light blue monokini. Don't you agree?