Here's Where Each Zodiac Sign Will Take You On A First Date, So Buckle Up

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Nothing feels quite as awkward as politely dodging your crush's horrible first date ideas. You could think they're the hottest person in the world, but sorry, nothing and no one will ever make you say yes to a slam poetry reading or a hike if that's not your thing. (No shade if it is!) That's why knowing where each zodiac sign would go on a first date can be so helpful. You can brace yourself for maximum awkwardness and prepare some alternative date suggestions in advance.

Earth signs (Virgos, Capricorns, and Taureans) tend to plan dates that give you ample opportunities to showcase what a wonderful partner you could be. Like a job interview, but make it sexy. Water signs (Pisceans, Cancers, and Scorpios) are always in-tune with their emotions. On the first date, they want to set the perfect mood so you feel comfortable wearing your heart on your sleeve like they do.

As signs that are constantly socializing and making friends, air signs (Geminis, Libras, and Aquarians) will like dates that balance amusement with good conversation. What says peak air sign more than exchanging ideas and squeezing the most out of life? And of course, you can count on fire signs (Sagittarians, Aries, and Leos) to suggest an activity that's going to get your heart-racing. Here's where each zodiac sign will take you on a date, so secure your wig and buckle up.

Capricorn: A Hike & A Picnic
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Capricorn will get excited at the prospect of taking their date on a hike, not only because they love science, but also because they love exchanging ideas while spending some quality time with the person they're into. They'll get to gush about trees, rocks, animals... basically everything they've learned about hiking and nature in their free time. They'll also probably pack a picnic basket in there, too.

Aquarius: Axe-Throwing Or Archery

Aquarius loves learning and marching to the beat of their own drum. Because of this, they cultivate all kinds of niche tastes and abilities, so expect an invite to the axe-throwing or archery range for your first date. This air sign is super into conspiracy theories, so they'll love the idea of prepping for the apocalypse with you. Romantic!

Pisces: A Paint-&-Sip Class At An Art Studio

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. It follows that they'll want a partner who can think abstractly and get creative right along with them. A paint-and-sip class is a great first date for Pisces because they get to indulge in art, and you'll both have a little memento to get nostalgic over if things between you go well.

Aries: An Amusement Park
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Aries looks for partners who can handle their taste for danger. An amusement park date would be their idea of weeding out the faint-hearted. In addition to a juicy adrenaline rush, they'll love the idea of winning you a stuffed animal or splitting a soft pretzel like you're in Lady and the Tramp.

Taurus: A Wine Or Beer Tasting

Taurus likes the finer things in life and values hard work, so a wine or beer tasting would be right up their alley. They'll be excited to learn something new and practical about food and drink with their crush, and indulge in all the delicious options.

Gemini: Laser Tag

Apart from being a one of the most social zodiac signs, you can also count on your Gemini date to be competitive. Whether it's a group date or a round of laser tag with strangers, a Gemini lives for the chance to make new friends and test their date's skills.

Cancer: Coffee & A Book Store
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Cancer prefers more low-key first dates, but that doesn't mean you'll catch them slacking. If this water sign is feeling you, they'll bring you to a café where the baristas get their mochas just right, and after, a mom-and-pop book shop that has the best selection of indie reads. They'll want a nice, quiet place to chat as they get to know you.

Leo: A Rooftop Bar

Nothing says "luxury" like a rooftop bar. Moreover, nothing says "Leo" like the chance to socialize, be seen looking fabulous, and party. Expect to be whisked around by your Leo date as they chat you up and show you off.

Virgo: An Escape Room

Virgo tends to go about their life as if they're in a thriller or murder mystery. This isn't a bad thing! It's what makes them so unique. They're detailed-oriented and always on the hunt for clues to help them unlock the meaning of life. Apart from quenching a Virgo's thirst for intellectual adventure, a first date in an escape room will put both you and your date's critical thinking skills to the test and give you a chance to impress each other in the process.

Libra: Dinner & A Movie
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Libra lives for the classics: iconic films, timeless style, and quintessential romance. Naturally, they're going to suggest dinner and a movie for a first date. But, they'll want to watch the movie before dinner, so the two of you can (over-)analyze the film together afterwards and see if you really hit it off.

Scorpio: A Music Gig

Scorpio really values intimacy and the ability to feel emotions deeply. If you're waiting on a first-date invite from a Scorpio, they'll probably ask you if you want to see an artist you both like. They'll adore the chance to bond with you over something so close to your hearts.

Sagittarius: An Indoor Sky-Diving Experience

If the trampolining place is booked, your Sagittarius crush will probably nudge you toward indoor sky-diving. It's adventurous, thrilling, and therefore, on-brand for a Sagittarius. And even if it doesn't work out between you, at least you can say you've crossed sky-diving off your list.

Regardless of what sign you're dating and where you two end up going for your first date, make sure you're comfortable with the spot. You don't have to let anyone convince you to do anything you don't want to do. Besides, it's not easy to get to know someone while doing something you don't enjoy, so don't be afraid to suggest a date that's a little more your speed.