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Here's How To Watch BTS' 'You Quiz On The Block' Episode With Subs, Because It Was So Good

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On Wednesday, March 24, BTS appeared on the Korean variety show You Quiz On The Block, where they played the classic "Guess The Mafia" game, discussed their trainee days, gushed about ARMYs, and even met one lucky ARMY in person! BTS is always breaking records, so it was no surprise their episode received the highest viewership ratings in the show's history since its premiere in 2018. And fans knew it was going to be good, which is why they bought all the ad spots during the program so there would be no commercial breaks. In case you missed the group's appearance (or just hope to watch it with English subtitles at some point), here's how to watch BTS' You Quiz On The Block episode with subs.

According to The Korea Times, BTS' episode achieved average nationwide ratings of 6.74 percent — the highest rating ever recorded by an episode of You Quiz On The Block. It was easy to see why fans tuned in to the episode. Despite all their success, BTS was nothing but humble when talking about their achievements. They kept thanking their fans for helping them reach their dreams.

"They’re the people we love. I can’t think of any other way to say it," Jimin said about ARMYs. "They’re the ones who make us feel a lot of different emotions. Even though we’re young, they helped us grow and told us it was okay when we made mistakes. They’re the ones who make me think of the reasons for love."

Meanwhile, Suga credited fans for helping them gain popularity in the U.S. "In the American music market, radio play is important. Our fans opened that gate for us. We were wondering if it was possible, but they spread word about us by sending in requests to radio DJs," he said.

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2020 was a special year for BTS because they got their first three Billboard No. 1 singles ("Dynamite," "Savage Love," and "Life Goes On") and their first Grammy nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group performance. They were also crowned the world's best-selling artists of the year.

During their appearance on You Quiz On The Block, one fan paid tribute to BTS' success by performing their 2017 hit single "MIC Drop" in front of them. The guys were all smiles seeing an ARMY in person after their 2020 tour was unfortunately postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There were so many highlights during BTS' episode, and English-speaking fans can relive the fun again. The show's official YouTube channel uploaded the episode clips with English subtitles on Friday, March 26.

Watch one iconic moment from the episode below and then head over to You Quiz On The Block's channel to watch the rest!

BTS' appearance on You Quiz On The Block will go down in history as one of their best!

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