Here’s how to speak at the ‘Some Good News’ 2020 Graduation to celebrate your classmates.

You Can Speak At John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ Graduation By Submitting A Video

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John Krasinski recently gave the class of 2020 a senior prom, and now The Office alum is bringing everyone who's graduating this year their own virtual ceremony. The actor announced the event on his Some Good News Instagram account, extending the invitation to anyone in any Class of 2020. With graduation coming fast, you may be bummed out you won't get the chance to speak at your graduation IRL due to social distancing measures during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but you can still speak at a virtual ceremony. Here's how to speak at the Some Good News 2020 graduation to address the world.

Krasinski posted to his Some Good News Instagram account on Thursday, April 30, writing, "Whether you're graduating from preschool, high school, college, middle school, or law school, this graduation is for you #Classof2020." The actor continued, "You're officially invited to the #SGNGraduation on SUNDAY, MAY 3RD. Mark your calendars and get your whole family together, it's gonna be GOOD." While Krasinski has announced the date of the event, he has yet to reveal a time to tune into the event, although he did say it will happen at night.

Krasinski is looking for speakers for the event, which means that you can apply to speak in front of everyone during the graduation ceremony. In an IG post, Krasinski uploaded an inspirational speech from @katerenteria to encourage others to share their speeches for a chance to speak during the event. "We’re on the hunt for some valedictorian speeches for this Sunday’s #SGNGraduation! Film your speech and tag us today for a chance to share yours with the entire #Classof2020," he wrote.

To apply to speak at the SGN 2020 Graduation, you need to film your speech, upload it to Instagram, and tag @SomeGoodNews with the #SGNGraduation hashtag.

You can also reply to his Tweet below with your speech video.

Considering the SGN Prom was on the Some Good News YouTube Channel as a livestream, the SGN Graduation will most likely stream this way as well. If Krasinski does hold the graduation via a YouTube live stream, it's important to tune in if you want to see it, because there won't be a way to view the video after the event closes.

Since Krasinski started the Some Good News channel on YouTube, he has surprised viewers with visits from other celebrity guests, including reuniting the original cast of Hamilton and gifting musical performances from Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers during the Some Good News Prom. With that in mind, it's possible that Krasinski has more special celebrity appearances up his sleeve for the SGN Graduation. He's already surprised fans with a plethora of his famous friends, so Sunday, May 3 may have some extra surprises in store for those who tune in.

Keep an eye out for more news about the Some Good News Graduation by checking the Some Good News YouTube Channel and Instagram page.

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