Here's How To Get Your Significant Other To Call You "Babe," Because It Can Be A Weird Ask

by Ginny Hogan

"Babe" was the name of a pig — a cute pig in a cute movie. But I saw the movie Babe before ever being called "babe" by a partner, so I had a bit of confusion around the term. It's also short for "baby," which, if I'm being completely honest, is a word that describes a literal infant. Still, I've come to find it an endearing relationship term, but not all my partners have felt the same way. If you're anything like me, you've wondered how to get your partner to call you "babe." To find out for you, I spoke with experts on the best way to ask.

One trick is to start calling your partner "babe," and then see if that leads them to catch on. "If you want something from someone, start doing it yourself," Relationship and etiquette expert April Masini tells Elite Daily. "In other words, if you want your partner to start calling you 'babe', then why not start doing it yourself?" Your partner might pick up on it and start doing it without you even having to ask. Maybe you'll learn that your partner has wanted to call you "babe" all along, but wasn't sure you'd be comfortable with it, and now you know. Of course, your partner also might hear you calling them "babe" and not reciprocate, but it's worth a try.

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Asking directly can be another way to get your partner to call you "babe." "You can always ask your partner to call you 'babe'," Masini says. "A direct request is easy to accommodate. There’s no wondering. If you’re clear, then it gives your partner an opportunity to please you." This way, if your partner has a specific reason for not wanting to call you "babe," you'll find out. To ask them directly, you can say something like "Hey, it turns me on when you call me 'babe,' is that something you'd want to do more often?" It can feel like a weird request, but relationships are all about communication (and trust me, it won't be as weird as the time I asked my boyfriend to play "Kiss The Girl" on repeat while I finished my taxes). If you ask directly, you're giving them a chance to understand and meet your needs.

It's not weird to want your partner to call you "babe," but it's important to understand why it might be difficult for them. "Not everyone is comfortable with verbal displays of affection," Masini says. "If you and your partner grew up in families who called each other 'babe' and other terms of endearment, doing so will come naturally. But if your partner did not grow up in that type of community or family, it may seem like fingernails on a chalkboard to hear that endearment come out of his or her mouth." You can ask your partner to call you "babe," but ultimately, if it makes them uncomfortable, they might not want to do it. There are plenty of ways to show affection outside of using the term "babe" such as via touch or calling you a nickname that just the two of you use, and that might work perfectly for your relationship. "The most important thing in a relationship is that you both feel comfortable and secure in your expressions of affection," Masini says. So ask for what you want, but if your partner isn't on board with the term "babe," you can find another way to connect.

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If you want your partner to call you "babe," you're absolutely not alone. It's a sweet term of endearment that turns many people on. Asking your partner to call you "babe" is completely normal — you have a relationship desire, and you're asking your partner to meet that desire. So, give it a try, and if they're more comfortable with a different term, find something that works for both of you. Relationships are all all about open, honest communication and compromise. Remember: You are still a babe no matter what!