If You Love To Be Called "Babe," You're Probably One Of These 4 Zodiac Signs

I love having pet names for my partner, because it's a small but obvious way we tell each other that the bond we have is special and unique. It's a subtle gesture, but it both tells the world and each other that we're a team by choice. I know that's a lot of pressure to put on a little word like “babe,” but honestly, that's why it matters so much. Of course, not everyone likes using terms of endearment, and that's totally OK, too. But for some people, particularly zodiac signs who love to be called “babe,” having a pet name for their partner is a big deal.

For some folks, pet names are all about coming up with something unique that only you both understand. For others, however, going with a classic like "sweetie" or "babe" might actually be a better fit, because it is readily recognizable and coded language that says: We are a couple and we are in love. That kind of language can be both a declaration to the world, but also a loop of affection between partners — which is honestly just plain sweet, TBH. So, if your preferred term of endearment is “babe,” chances are you're one of these zodiac signs.


For an emotional water sign like Cancer, pet names just come naturally because they're a demonstrative way of "claiming" one another. Calling each other "babe" creates a feeling of belonging and being bonded, which is something Cancer needs to be fully happy in a relationship. This is a sign that seeks security and holds on tight if they sense that their partner is slipping away, so being called "babe" or another term of endearment helps to reinforce that the connection is strong and they have nothing to fear.

LEO (JULY 23 TO AUG. 22)

For Leo, compliments and terms of endearment are all part of the love and adoration they need — and, let's be honest, expect — from their partner. For this sign to be fulfilled in their relationship, they need to see clear demonstrations of affection, and using pet names is one of the ways their partner can give them that affection. Leo is not a solitary sign. They really do prefer to be part of a two-person pride, so having a nickname for each other like “babe” lets them know they are connected and that their relationship is special.


Don't let Scorpio's hard outer shell fool you — beneath it all is a tender and fragile heart. They protect it fiercely, and when they feel vulnerable, this sign gets jealous and possessive. That's why having a pet name like "babe" is so important to this sign. It's a verbal acknowledgment that not only do you care for them, but you "belong" to one another. That gives this sign the sense of security they need to tame their jealousy and just lean in to the love and affection they share with their SO.


Sagittarius is not a sign that needs to be reassured with a pet name. This confident and highly independent sign is more likely to buck and feel constrained by overly sweet and sentimental terms of endearment. This is why “babe” is the perfect pet name for this sign. It's romantic and loving, and conveys the fact that the relationship is a special one, without being overly sentimental. It's casual and chill, just like Sags themselves.

While having a special name for you partner can be fun and something that happens organically, when in doubt, “babe” is a great place to start and may end up feeling just right for your SO.