If You Love Dirty Talk, You're Probably One Of These 4 Zodiac Signs

Sex is all about the communication — before, during, and after. A part of sexual communication that doesn't often get a ton of air time is the during portion, but I am here to tell you it might be the best part. If you've always felt naturally good at pillow talk, you might be one of these few specific zodiac signs who love dirty talk. That's right — your sign could mean you're more likely to enjoy dirty talk than others, and the results can be pretty steamy.

If you're relatively new to dialogue during sex, over texting, or both — you're not alone! It's something that definitely takes practice and confidence, and you can definitely improve your skills over time. Dirty talk is about establishing a sexy rapport with whomever your talking dirty with, and so the goal is to feed off of each other's ideas, preferences, and energy. For instance, if you're not sure what to say, you can start with open-ended questions to see what they'll respond to. You can ask them "What you would do if I was with you right now?" "I really like when people..." "I'd really love to [insert action] to your [insert body part]" and see where it goes.

For insight into how your sign might like to talk dirty during sex, check out the following tips.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov 22)

Scorpios are notoriously good at sex, and therefore, pretty good at talking about it. Scorpios are specifically good at sexy talk that establishes control and a sultriness that will make you want to call a car directly to their house ASAP. A Scorpio's biggest trick during sexting is to ask more questions — when in doubt, they may default to pushing you to describe what you'd do in very specific, sexy, detail.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 23)

Air signs are very chatty individuals, and therefore, they love to talk during sex. Libras are especially interested in dirty talk that elevates their already intense sex. This could mean telling a partner what to do in bed, or repeating different phrases that signify something feels really good. Libras love to have a good time, and they also know that it takes communication to get into a good rhythm.

Gemini (May 21 — June 21)

Geminis have mastered the art of the whisper-in-your-ear-in-public sexy talk that makes you want to disappear into the bathroom to hookup with them literally right then and there. When Geminis want to charm someone, they go absolutely all out. They love to hear it back too, because it lets them know that you're also interested. Despite their confident exterior, Geminis are, in fact, quite nervous that their feelings or advances are not reciprocated. So, ham it up with your local Gemini crush next time you have a date, and you likely won't be disappointed.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

Cancers are pretty persuasive signs. They're the masters of sexting you while you're busy, with texts that make you want to escape to a bathroom stall and send them nudes. They've got a way with words and can come up with phrases that make you feel super hot. Cancers love to show off this skill, so if you're currently in a fling with a Cancer, get ready to blush at some of the things they'll have to say.

Dirty talk can be a great form of intimacy that can really heighten your experience. If you're interested in doing it more, maybe tell bae to heed Jason DeRulo's advice and "Talk Dirty To Me."