Here’s How To Apply For Hallmark’s Holiday Movie Reviewer Job, so you can get paid to watch holiday ...

This Holiday Movie Lover’s Dream Job Will Pay You $1,000 To Watch Hallmark Movies

Holiday fantasies do come true. CenturyLinkQuote is looking for a movie reviewer who will get paid to watch 24 Hallmark holiday movies in 12 days. If it sounds like your dream-turned-reality, here's how to apply for the Hallmark Holiday Movie Reviewer job from CenturyLinkQuote, so you can get a chance to get $1,000 for watching your fave holiday movies on Hallmark.

CenturyLinkQuote is seeking applicants who really, really love holiday movies. The job posting is open for anyone to apply, but you do need to meet certain requirements to score this seasonal dream job. The company is asking you to "put on your best pair of fuzzy socks, crank up the fire, and [marathon]... Hallmark's cheesiest Christmas movies." The TV network that is famous for producing countless romantic holiday movies, no matter how cheesy they are, is the subject of this reviewer job. CenturyLinkQuote is hoping to find someone who relishes the holidays, loves rom-coms, and can see themselves sitting down to watch a couple Hallmark movies a day for just under two weeks. Although some can marathon like the best of them, the job posting will require you to watch about two movies per day, so this will take some time and endurance.

If you want to apply, you'll have to see if you fit the bill for the company's "perfect candidate." There are three rules:

  1. You have to absolutely love Christmas.
  2. Your age needs to be 18 or older and you must be a resident of the United States.
  3. You have to be a social media guru. As in, you know how to use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and be willing to post about your Hallmark movie marathon journey.

The other caveat is, you have to want to share opinions that aren't just fluff. Like, "Yeah, this movie is great," is not going to be enough. CenturyLinkQuote wants you to "be as honest as possible in your review," even if it means admitting that you hate something about the flick or you find a character outright annoying or unbelievable.

A more detailed breakdown of posting requirements asks the reviewer to use Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for each movie, include #CountdowntoChristmas and #HallmarkDreamJob in each post, and make sure you finish watching all 24 movies by Dec. 25.

If you think you have what it takes, you can apply for this Hallmark Holiday Movie Reviewer job from CenturyLinkQuote by filling out the online application, explaining why you're the perf person to do the job, and by creating a short two to three-minute video that demonstrates your holiday spirit.


Now let's talk compensation. The company will reward its loyal movie-marathoner by paying them in a sweet package, in addition to the $1,000 paycheck. Included in the package is a subscription to a streaming service, a packet of hot cocoa, a box of Christmas cookies, a mini Christmas tree, a string of festive lights, and "more Hallmark swag than you could ever need." TBH, I would sign up just for the Hallmark Channel Monopoly.

Hallmark Channel

Sounds like the best holiday side hustle one could ever snap up. $1,000 and Hallmark swag just to watch holiday movies? Get ready to sip that hot chocolate and apply via the CenturyLinkQuote page before your dream job is gone.