This Hallmark Channel Holiday 2019 Merchandise

Hallmark Channel Is Selling The Perfect Merch For Anyone Who Loves Christmas Movies

by Daffany Chan

There are so many ways to enjoy the countdown to Christmas. Whether it's with an Advent calendar, home decorations, or holiday flicks, the season has offerings for everyone. This year, you can even spread the cheer with a new line of Hallmark-themed merchandise. You know what that means — it's time to dress up the family in matching Hallmark Ugly Christmas Sweaters and gather around the television. This Hallmark Channel holiday 2019 merchandise is the perfect way for movie-lovers to ring in the season.

In an Oct. 16 press release, the Hallmark Channel shared details about the exciting launch of an exclusive line of Hallmark branded gifts. “We are so excited for Hallmark Gold Crown and to be the only destination for authentic Hallmark Channel merchandise this holiday,” said Steve Farley, president of Hallmark Retail. “Working directly with Hallmark Channel to develop this collection has been a wonderful way to bring the holiday magic of Hallmark and the network to life.”

The gifts, which are available now on the Hallmark website, are a varied collection of clothing, decor, and entertainment options that'll get you snuggling up next to the fireplace in no time. From hats to pajamas, the fashion line has everything you need to be rockin' your movie night in style. You'll want to start by stocking up on a few Hallmark Ugly Christmas Sweaters for your friends and family. The adorable twist on the classic ugly sweater will cost you $49.99. To keep your feet warm around the house, the $12.99 I Love Hallmark Channel Women's Slippers look like they'd do a good job. There's even a Warm & Cozy Hallmark Movie Adult One-Piece coming soon for $49.99.

Once you and your family are looking snazzy around the house in themed wardrobe, you'll definitely want to decorate your home to match the mood. There's plenty of decor for sale for every room in the house. The $16.99 Wine and Hallmark Movies Wine Glass is the perfect way to enjoy a cup of vino on the couch after a long winter day. You can relax in the flickering light with the Night In candle, which costs $24.99, and stay warm underneath Blanket of Snow Throw Blanket, which costs $59.99.

Of course, you'll need some entertainment to keep everyone laughing during your night-in. There are fun themed gifts for all ages, such as games and Hallmark movies. The Hallmark themed Bingo looks absolutely delightful and is the perfect activity to pair with a festive Hallmark flick. You'll check off a bingo spot every time you catch a special moment on screen, like when there's a couple under a mistletoe or a mother and daughter baking cookies. The $14.99 tear-off Bingo pad is surely the best way to get everyone involved in your evening for movie-lovers.

Another standout product in the entertainment lineup is the Monopoly Hallmark Channel board game. The $39.99 board, which is currently available for pre-order, will be delivered to your doorstep Dec. 12 through Dec. 16 if you order now. Though it's coming just in time for Christmas, the board game is actually appropriate for all seasons. Prepare to be immersed in a Hallmark fantasy land as you navigate through the game, purchasing themed properties like a Christmas tree farm or a bed and breakfast.

The annual Countdown to Christmas television event on the Hallmark Channel kicked off on Oct. 26, and the network will be airing 40 marathon-worthy films leading up until the end of 2019. The special TV event is the perfect time to indulge in new and classic holiday flicks, so get ready for winter evenings filled with heartwarming moments and cozy sweaters.