Heather Morris' Tribute To Naya Rivera Includes Photos Of Their Kids Playing.

Heather Morris' Tribute To Naya Includes Beautiful Photos Of Their Kids Playing

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Heather Morris is keeping Naya Rivera's memory alive by sharing the lessons she's learned from her friend through the years on Instagram. They shared the screen together on Glee from 2009 to 2015, so it's no surprise they became so close. Their friendship only got stronger as their kids developed a bond with each other as well. Heather Morris' tribute to Naya Rivera will make you emotional because it includes photos of their kids playing.

Morris began her post by sharing how her friendship with Rivera has changed over time. She explained they started as "the closest friends," but once went through a "rocky phase." However, they remained by each other's side despite their differences and what developed was a "beautiful friendship built out of love and understanding."

"The last I had the chance to see you in person, I had left oranges outside our home for you to take. I wanted to say hi through the window but my phone didn’t ring when you called (which it never does, f*cking T-Mobile), so instead you and Josey left two succulents on our doorstep as a thank you. I planted those succulents and I look at them everyday and think of you," Morris said of her final encounter with Rivera before her death.

Five days after Rivera went missing on July 8 during a boat trip on California's Lake Piru, her body was discovered and identified by police. Authorities have since confirmed Rivera died from "accidental drowning."


To remember her late friend, Morris has been listening to Rivera's music "on repeat" and remembering everything she's taught her during their time together.

"You constantly taught me lessons about grief, about beauty and poise, about being strong, resilient and about not giving a f*ck (but still somehow respectful). Yet, the utmost important lesson I learned most of all from you was being a consistent and loving friend. You were the first to check in, the first to ask questions, the first to listen..you cherished our friendship and I never took that for granted," Morris wrote.

Morris explained they both "hated taking pictures together," but they loved capturing moments of their sons.

"I have countless pictures of our babies playing, because we shared that kind of pride and joy. So I’m showing the world a photo of our little goof balls for you, because I know that meant more than anything and they remind me of you and I," Morris continued.

See her emotional post dedicated to Rivera below.

So many other members of the Glee cast have shared their own tributes to Rivera, and each one points out her incredible kindness and talent, which they will never forget.