Hats & Headpieces Had A HUGE Moment At The Grammy Awards This Year

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When it comes to accessorizing for the red carpet, most celebrities stick to glitzy jewelry and standout shoes. But the hats and headpieces at the 2019 Grammy Awards tonight made such a powerful sartorial statement that I wouldn't be surprised if they soon become a mainstay at every awards ceremony from here on out. Hats served as an excellent way to add some major drama to looks you might've expected to see paired with a drop diamond necklace or a pair of asymmetrical earrings (shoutout to Katy Perry) and ranged from the western-inspired to the bedazzled and wide-brimmed. In terms of headpieces, they took one a more luxe aesthetic, looking more like miniature pieces of art than hair accessories. All of the toppers were paired with simple hairstyles that would be easily DIY-able at home, meaning hats and headpieces might be my new favorite trend. No more bad hair days ever? Sold.

J Lo's hat featured a completely bedazzled hatband, while Leon Bridges opted for a more traditional fedora-like style. Janelle Monae's headpiece, on the other hand, looked like a wearable conceptual sculpture, while Cardi B's pearl headpiece was compared to a mountain of Ferrero Rochers. Have I piqued your interest now? Checkout some of the best outfit toppers below.

Janelle Monàe

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Janelle Monae is a master of electrifying red carpets with her fearless style and tonight was no different. She paired a gorgeous dress with severe mountain-like shoulders with a hat crafted out of what looks to be a hundred gold safety pins and sheet of square plastic and somehow made it look chic AF. She is a wizard.

Leon Bridges

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My love for Leon Bridges knows no bounds, especially after seeing him rock a workwear inspired co-ord and classic fedora to the Grammys. Bravo for bringing some excitement to the menswear of the night.

Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town

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It's nothing new for country singers to wear cowboy hats to awards shows, but Karen Fairchild brought it to a whole other level with her extra wide-brimmed iteration.

J Lo

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J Lo also wore a super wide-brimmed hat, but hers was encircled with a band featuring giant crystal details. It was like the hat version of jewelry and looked beyond glamorous, not to mention a bit mysterious.

Alicia Keys

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Alicia Keys nailed it as the host of the Grammys tonight, taking breaks to give a few killer performances of her own. For one, she wore this black hat featuring a floppy brim and thick band. It embodies Keys' personal style and added a cool touch to her sparkly look.

Cardi B

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In terms of headpieces, Cardi B's mountain of pearls certainly takes the cake for the night. It almost looked like a fancy French dessert had been mounted on her head and I was so, so there for it. The pearls were swirled around what looks to be a bun, while her bangs were coiffed in a glamorous throwback style. Like Monae's, this headpiece felt special and more like jewelry.