Hannah Brown Gave Matt James The Best Advice Before Filming 'The Bachelor'

David Livingston/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Who better to give a new Bachelor advice than a former Bachelorette? During the Oct. 27 episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off the Vine podcast, fans learned Hannah Brown's Bachelor advice for Matt James, and IMO, it's useful even if you're not about to compete on a reality TV dating show. Apparently, before James left for Pennsylvania in September to begin shooting Season 25 of The Bachelor, Brown was sure to tell him to "remember who you are," adding, "These are your choices, it's your life. Prepare." So #dramatic, Hannah B.!

While chatting with Bristowe, Brown explained how she instructed James to "write down what you want in a wife, what type of life do you want, so that when you go on these dates, you can look back and be like, 'Is this lining up or was that just a magical date because there are fireworks and the horses and the violinists?'" Um, does anyone else recall how Brown had horseback riding dates with both Colton Underwood and Tyler Cameron? Just saying.

As Brown explained to Bristowe, she feels protective of James, who has become one of her best friends. "I've never known somebody on the show beforehand like this and actually cared for his heart and want him to just be happy after this," she said. Aww.

Though James will have several women competing for his heart this season, it seems as though he already has two people competing over his best-friendship. Earlier in the month, Brown's ex Cameron gave advice to James' future suitors during an interview with Us Weekly. "Matt is deep," Cameron said. "[You need to be able] to have these big, connecting conversations. I think that's going to be super important for him [while] finding his partner, someone who can really connect on a deeper level with. Hopefully, he's able to find that person quickly." For the sake of Bachelor fans, here's hoping James doesn't find that person too quickly. (Yes, I'm referring to the Clare Crawley-Dale Moss situation.)

James may have a tough call when it comes to picking his future Best (Wo)Man, but hopefully, his friends' advice will help him pick his future wife wisely.