Tyler Cameron Revealed The Key To Winning His BFF Matt James' Heart

Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

The Season 25 Bachelor is ready to find love, and his bestie has some tips for his potential suitors. During an Oct. 6 interview with Us Weekly, Tyler Cameron revealed how to win Matt James' heart, and his answer was cute AF. When asked what James is looking for in a future wife, Cameron said, "Somebody that is ready for an adventure, ready to get up and go. You got to be super active to be with Matt." Considering James' zodiac sign is Sagittarius, I can't say I'm too surprised to hear that, as Sags are all about exploring and traveling.

However, he's not just looking for an adventure buddy — according to Cameron, James also wants a partner he can connect with on a deeper level. "But also someone who's able to have, like, serious talks," Cameron continued. "Matt is deep. [You need to be able] to have these big, connecting conversations. I think that's going to be super important for him [while] finding his partner, someone who can really connect on a deeper level with. Hopefully, he's able to find that person quickly." I hope you're taking notes, Season 25 Bachelor contestants, because if anyone knows what James wants, it's his long-time bestie.

During a June 2020 interview with on Good Morning America, James opened up about the qualities he's looking for in a wifey, and IMO, Cameron's answer was pretty spot-on. "I'm looking for qualities that my mom embodies, and that's selfless, honest, caring, compassionate, and those are qualities found in women all shapes, sizes and races and it's not a Black or white thing," he said. "I'm hoping when that limo pulls up there's a lot of diversity and I see every type of women coming out of that limo."

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Season 25 of The Bachelor will be filmed in only one location, but Cameron thinks that may work in James' favor. "...I think this is going to be really good for the connections," Cameron explained to Us Weekly. "Because there are not any travel days, there are not really many dead days, you know what I mean? There's not B-roll to be filmed [in] the new country every week. I think these days, hopefully, it can be used to spend more time together with that person or with all the people. So I'm hoping that allows for better connections, which I think it could."

Am I more excited for James to find love or for Cameron to be the best man in James' future wedding? I truly can't decide.