Matt James' Zodiac Sign Means His 'Bachelor' Season Will Be Dramatic AF


Chris Harrison always promises that the current installment of The Bachelor will be the most dramatic season ever, but thanks to astrology, he might actually be right about Season 25. Born on December 5, 1991, Matt James' zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which means viewers can expect whirlwind adventures, spontaneous decision-making, and zero filter whatsoever. If that's not a recipe for a perfect reality TV star, then I don't know what is.

The most important thing you need to know about a Sagittarian's heart is that it runs on seeking thrills. You know how Bachelor dates are always, like, sky-diving or making out among a crowd of screaming fans at a country concert underneath a sky exploding with fireworks? That's basically foreplay for a Sag.

People born under the sign of the Archer love their freedom, so they're used to playing the field and keeping relationships casual. But when someone special catches their eye, they dive all in. They'll grill their date on everything, from their weirdest skill to their most embarrassing childhood memory to their preferred pizza toppings. They want to know it all! They love discovering new things about their favorite new person. This innate curiosity is one of their most attractive traits as a significant other.

If James is true to his astrological nature, he firmly believes that honesty is the best policy — even if speaking his mind feels awkward from time to time. Not only will that make for ridiculously entertaining TV, but it's also the kind of trait that'll come in handy when James inevitably has to break up with 29 women over the course of two months of filming.

Now, here's where things will get tricky: James will probably be living his best life during the first half of the season. He'll get an adrenaline rush from meeting amazing women and experiencing once-in-a-lifetime adventures with them. But during the second half of the season, the pressures of the show might weigh him down. Sagittarians are slow to commit, and they like to feel as though they can change their plans at the last minute. Don't be surprised if James can't decide between several front-runners, even up until the day he proposes. (That is, if he proposes — if any sign is going to buck tradition and do things their own way, it's a Sag.)

Romancing a Sagittarius is obviously exciting, but their signature giddy honeymoon stage can't last forever. Once the last rose ceremony is over (and the rose-colored glasses are off), a Sagittarius might have trouble handling the occasional monotony that comes with a long-term relationship. But as long as both partners put in effort to keep things exciting, those butterflies will come back in no time.

James' historic role as the franchise's first Black bachelor will be must-see TV no matter what. But if the stars have their way, it'll also be a rollercoaster of a good time.