I Rounded Up Hannah B. & Tyler C.'s Funniest TikToks. You're Welcome.

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The coronavirus outbreak may have the majority of the country sequestered in their homes, but these past few weeks have given us at least one thing to get excited about (and no, I'm not referring to Netflix's Tiger King). Bachelor alums Hannah B. and Tyler C. are currently social distancing together in Florida, and "The Quarantine Crew" (as they've dubbed themselves) has been providing some A+ TikTok content. Yes, they're with five other friends, but some of the videos seem suspiciously cozy, and Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron's best TikToks might just convince you that Tannah is officially a thing again.

As you're probably already aware, Hannah and Tyler have had a pretty tumultuous relationship. The two attempted to reconcile after Hannah broke off her engagement with Jed Wyatt, but Tyler ended up dating Gigi Hadid instead while Hannah moved on to Dancing With the Stars. However, in March, Bachelor Nation was given a glimmer of hope when Hannah flew down to Florida to be with Tyler after the unexpected passing of his mother, Andrea Cameron. They've been pretty much inseparable ever since, and while they're evading questions about their relationship status, these flirty TikToks definitely have Tannah shippers on high alert.

When Hannah Tried (And Failed) To Say "Tyler" Without An Accent

You simply can't take the Alabama out of Hannah.

When They Had This Pillow Fight

So... does this mean these two are sharing a bed or nah?

When Hannah Pulled Out Some WWE Moves

I am literally the dog in this video, just taking in the moment with a happy smile.

When They Competed In An Orange Eating Contest

Orange you glad they recorded this moment for posterity?

And When They Later Took On Some Spicy Peppers

They def know how to turn up the heat.

When They Slacked Off While Making Breakfast

Um... 👀

When They Teased Us With This Game Of Spin The Bottle

Give the people what they want and just kiss already!

When Musical Chairs Got Down And Dirty

Whatever happened to chivalry? SMH.

When Hannah Bested Tyler At His Own Game

I just did a spit-take while watching this.

When Tyler Caught Hannah Off Guard

Now there's a scare I wouldn't mind getting.

When They Made This Bet

Double or nothing = double the fun.

And, Of Course, When They Flipped The Switch

Tyler, if you want to make crop tops your new thing, I fully support you.

Social distancing might be kind of rough, but as long as it keeps Hannah and Tyler in the same house, I'll be able to make it through this trying time.

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