Stay Calm, But Tyler C. & Hannah B. Are Reportedly In Florida Together

by Candice Jalili
John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Bachelor fans, are you sitting down? Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown might be back together. According to multiple sources, Tyler Cameron reportedly picked up Hannah Brown from Palm Beach International Airport, and she visited his hometown of Jupiter, Florida on March 14. As everyone knows, picking somebody up from the airport is one of the most boyfriendy tasks there is.

Rumors about the alleged reunion started circulating when fans snagged footage of Cameron putting Brown's luggage in the back of his car like a true gent. "Tyler and Hannah seemed genuinely happy to see each other," an eyewitness reportedly told E! News. "They were very comfortable together, and their interactions seemed very friendly, natural and genuine."

The source maintained that while they seemed happy, they apparently played it relatively cool in terms of their physical interactions. "Things didn't appear romantic," the source reportedly told E! News of their airport body language. "There was no PDA." Maybe the two got the PDA out of their system after an entire season of making out on national television?

Mark Bourdillon/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Oh, and if the airport sighting doesn't have you totally convinced that something might be up between Brown and Cameron, let me offer you this piece of evidence: Cameron's bestie Matt James posted a picture of himself goofing around with Brown on the beach the day after she was spotted at the airport being picked up by Cameron.

The reported trip would mark Brown's second reported trip to Florida in March, as she was just reportedly in the Sunshine State for the celebration of life honoring Cameron's late mother, who died of a brain aneurysm on Feb. 29. “It meant a lot to him that she came to support him in his time of need," a source reportedly told People on March 11 of Brown's appearance at the celebration of life. "He was able to show her around Jupiter, introduce her to his friends, and have some good laughs. Just being able to hang out together, smile, and take his mind off things has been really helpful to Tyler’s grieving process. It’s just what he needed.”

Another source who reportedly spoke to E! News on March 2 reportedly claimed the death of Cameron's mother brought the couple closer together. "They aren't dating but Hannah has been there for Tyler since the passing of his mom," the source reportedly told E! News. "She reached out immediately and Tyler was grateful for her support. They have gotten closer recently and he's really thankful to have her around."

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Sadly for any Bachelor Nation hopefuls, Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight at the time of Brown's first reported visit to Jupiter that the two were probs keeping things platonic. That being said, he also didn't totally rule out the possibility of the exes rekindling things. "Yeah, it wouldn't shock me," he told Entertainment Tonight of on March 11 of how he'd react to Brown and Cameron getting back together. "I think they'd be great together," he shared. "But they're probably just friends."