Halsey Just Sported Colorful Rainbow Bangs On Instagram & I NEED Them Right Now

Mauricio Santana/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it seems like every celebrity and Instagram model is rocking the same faux-bob or ponytail extension, I can always turn to Halsey to be sporting a completely unique hairdo. Whether she's embracing her natural curls, playing with a lengthy wig, or slaying with a shaved head, my girl always manages to stand out, and Halsey's rainbow bangs have to be one of her cutest looks yet. I admit, I'm not the biggest fan of bangs, and I certainly hate how they look on me, but on Halsey? They look perfect — and especially great while dyed in ROY G. BIV hues.

The trouble with Instagram is that anyone can post any photo at any time they please, so when celebs change their hair up on an almost daily basis, it's kind of hard to tell if they're posting their current look or a previous look as a throwback. That said, a great deal of Halsey's photos over the past few weeks have shown the singer sporting a blunt black bob with straight-across black bangs. To be clear, that's the very definition of a hard-to-pull-off, Halloween-store-wig-esque haircut, but of course, Halsey pulls it off effortlessly.

The style is beyond rocker chic on her, don't you think?

Mauricio Santana/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's clearly been loving it too, as she's been posting her bangs all over Instagram:

However, she recently posted this photo, in which her jet-black bangs appear to have received a very colorful dye job.

Um, wow. Rainbow bangs need to be a forever trend, because this looks so freaking good! I'm also loving the contrast of the colorful, playful bangs with Halsey's oversized black sweatshirt and edgy tattoos.

However, just one day later, it appears her black bangs are back. What gives?

To be clear, I really like both styles, but c'mon. Those rainbow bangs are it! I highly doubt Halsey would bleach her hair just to dye it dark again in the same 24 hours, so either the colorful bangs are an old photo, the black bangs are an even older photo, or she was using a clip-in faux-bangs extension. If it's not obvious, my money is on the third one.

The only rainbow clip-in bangs I can find online are these Forum Novelties Rainbow Clip-On Bangs ($7, originally $9,, but they, uh, don't look like Halsey's:

Even though Halsey did full-on rainbow, her bangs don't look overly saturated or fake, because the hues she used were a little more wearable. Her blue and purple strands have a cool gray undertone, and her reddish strands look more wine than firetruck, if you catch my drift. My bet is that she got a blonde faux-bang and dyed it rainbow DIY-style (Or, I mean, maybe her hairstylist did it for her.)

The Insert Name Here Zooey Bangs ($65, are 100% Remy hair, so if you purchase shade "Light Blonde" you could totally dye them rainbow. Or, just rock them in your natural hair color, because they're cute AF:

Halsey, if your rainbow bangs are in fact a clip-on pair, please give us the deets on where you got them via Instagram Stories! And pretty please wear them on tour! They're such a good look on you.