People Are Dyeing Their Hair Gorgeous Rainbow Colors To Celebrate Pride

Attending an LGBTQ Pride parade isn't a matter to take lightly. It's not the kind of thing you throw on black leggings and a tank top for, wishing you'd remembered to wash your hair.

No, pride comes crashing in with loud music and vibrant punches of rainbow color. Whether you're carrying 100 pounds of pure, toned muscle or your stomach hasn't seen the light of day in years, you're welcome to wear what you'd like — a bikini? A full Renaissance gown with a corset? Do you, damn it.

For many, though, a wardrobe change isn't enough. Pride comes only once a year, so this is the time to go balls-to-the-wall with your look. Instead of sticking glitter to your nipples and calling it a day, why not make a semi-permanent change, like rainbow hair? After a weekend that saw wild Pride parties in major cities like New York and San Francisco, proud city-dwellers have taken to Instagram to show off their 'dos.

Spot anyone you saw out this weekend? Take a look.

Is this a hairdo or a walking WiFi signal? Either way, it's precise beyond belief.

This dye job is awe-inspiring, like a technicolor Barbie dream.

Cue jaw drop.

The hair stylist behind this rainbow hair calls the colorist a "COLOR WIZARD." Can't argue that.

I've nicknamed this look "Instagram famous and proud."

Did gravity cease to exist? What's happening here?

Subtle, but beautiful.

If flashy isn't your thing, muted rainbow hair is also a striking possibility.

Mohawk? Rainbow? Why stop at one?

Or, pick a single hue and run with it.

If you're stuck in corporate America, dye your beard and shave it off before the work week starts.

This pigmented color is absolutely perfect.