Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Mists Are Going To Be Your Favorite New Festival Product

If you've ever been tempted to dye your strands a fantastical hue but are afraid to commit to a shade of the rainbow full-time, you're going to love Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Rainbow Mists. Launching at tomorrow, April 10, they're an easy way to get technicolored strands one day and go back to your natural color the next. Plus, the product was created by one of the premiere purveyors of temporary hair color, so you know you can trust it. Your summer beauty look just got a whole lot more dynamic.

With Coachella kicking off this weekend and a roster of festivals slated for the coming months (Bonnaroo! Governor's Ball! Hangout Fest!), this drop couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. What better setting to try out a head of vibrant violent strands or a pink ombré at than at a festival, where outrageous beauty looks aren't just accepted, but encouraged? That's the thing about this hair color—you apply it via an aerosol spray can, meaning you can choose exactly where the tint goes on and create designs and patters as you please. Let your creativity shine!

Set to release in eight shades, Unicorn Rainbow Hair Mist will run you a mere $14/ can. Whether you're into an eye-popping color or something more subtle, there'll be a tint you'll love.

First up is “Petal,” a beautiful light pink hue that'll give you Behati Prinsloo-inspired hair. As you can see on the swatches below, it shows up on any color of hair, which is standard for every shade within the product range.

Additional colors include “Dew Drop,” an ultra-pigmented light blue that resembles the color your tongue turned after eating a blueberry Dum Dum sucker;

“Sweat Tea,” an orangey peach that definitely does look like the classic Southern beverage it was named after;

“Stormy,” a super light, almost silvery gray that your grandparents would be flattered if you rocked;

“Earl Grey,” a dusty purple (if lilac strands are what you're after this is the option you should go for);

"Taffy," a neon-like coral that looks blinding on light blonde hair;

"Lollipop," a vibrant ultraviolet;

and finally “Mauve Mist,” which reminds me of Mexican hot chocolate thanks to its subtly reddish hue.

As you can see, the range of hues is incredibly diverse and offers up something for everyone. It's a buffet of candy colored brights and more subdued neutrals—the color combo possibilities are endless.

If you decide to take the plunge and indulge in a mermaid hair color or two, your order will also come with a complimentary hair stencil, meaning you'll be able to get even more whimsical with your look. Hold it up to your hair, spray your mist over the cutout hearts, clouds or smiley face, and watch as your hair becomes a canvas. Prepare to be photographed for the best festival beauty roundups all summer long because this mist is definitely going to get you noticed.