You Have To See Halsey's BEAUTIFUL Ombré Dress At The Emmys

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Was I the only person not expecting Halsey to be at the Emmy Awards? When my fave strutted her stuff down the red carpet, I was totally shocked to see her, but not only did she show up, she showed up serving lewks. Halsey's 2019 Emmys dress delivered, honey! It was the singer's first time on the Emmys carpet, and she didn't disappoint.

Halsey is one of the industry's greatest chameleons when it comes to her look, always changing up her hair and her glam, and consistently pulling it off. That said, when it comes to her stunning natural curls, she doesn't show them off nearly as often as I'd like, and when she does, she usually lets them do their thing unstyled. At the Emmys, though, Halsey surprised her fans with the most beautiful curly updo ever to be worn, and the dark tendrils contrasted by her frilly pink gown couldn't have been a more beautiful, statement-making choice. She served some serious Helena Bonham Carter vibes, if you ask me, and I was truly all for it.

Take a look at Halsey's debut Emmys 'fit, and feel free to ooh and ahh over the stunning ombre petals that span her gown:

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This is such a different look for her, and I couldn't be more in love with it. The girly purple gown serves Swan Lake realness thanks to cascading petals of fabric that almost look like feathers, and the sweetness contrasted by the singer's armfuls of tattoos is such a mood.

Is this one of her best red carpet moments to date? My money is on duh:

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Halsey went hard on the drip with large pink crystal earrings and a diamond necklace:

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Makeup artist Denika Bedrossian used NYX Cosmetics products for Halsey's glam, and her minimalist makeup featured glowing skin and a berry-stained lip that matched her dress perfectly. She also carried a cute little purple clutch to pull the look together. Guys, do we all agree that purple is Halsey's power color this year? I totally think it's her power color.

Just last week, she showed up to the Savage X Fenty show in the brand's purple PJs and looked like a million freaking dollars:

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Imagine looking this stunning in pajamas? My pajamas are my college sweatpants and a ~vintage?~ Jonas Brothers concert tee from my youth. I look nothing like this in my pajamas. Sigh.

Now, she's rocking the shade to the Emmys, thereby solidifying it as her official power color! I don't make the rules, I just call it like I see it!

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There aren't a ton of musicians on the Emmys red carpet, so to see Halsey strutting her stuff was a serious treat. I mean, she did perform in the Savage X Fenty show, which I did stream via Amazon Prime on my TV, so she's technically a television star, right? I'll allow it! Especially if she always plans on showing up with such great red carpet looks. Well done, Halsey, and shout out to your poppin' curls for really pulling this fab look together!