8 Women Reveal The One Activity That Got Them Through A Breakup & It's Inspiring

For some, the best way to go are regular sweat sessions to get out the aggression and get the endorphins pumping. For others, reorganizing the apartment helps them to regain a sense of order amidst emotional chaos. When it comes to getting through a breakup, we all have our go-to strategy for bouncing back from the heartbreak.

Time and time again, researchers have eagerly studied how different approaches may help people get through a split, and their efforts have not been in vain. One 2012 study published in the journal Cyberpsychology found that people who keep tabs on their ex’s Facebook profiles are less likely to move on from the breakup, for example, meaning it’s advisable to stay away from your former flame’s social media profiles (as if we didn’t suspect that already). Another study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology revealed that reminding yourself of your ex’s negative qualities can prove helpful in getting over a breakup (so indulging in some ex-bashing may not be such a bad idea, after all). And unsurprisingly, one study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science discovered that talking about your breakup can help you to get over it more quickly.

The thing is, what’s effective for one person might not ease the pain whatsoever for another. Still, it’s always helpful to hear from real women about what worked for them. Looking for a little inspiration in terms of how to heal? Here’s what the ladies of Reddit had to say on the activity that helped them to survive their split.

A Change Of Scenery
Moving cross country. I don’t recommend it every time but damn, it works a treat.


A Little “OM"
Yoga, meditation, practicing gratitude.


Binge Watching
Netflix. Every time.


A Palate-Cleansing Hookup
Rebound sex with someone new and fun.


Putting It On Paper
Journaling. I had all these thoughts and they needed to go somewhere. At first I wrote 'letters' to my ex (that he'll never see) but it helped me get my thoughts out of my head. A year later it's really interesting to see how my thoughts about him changed in the months that followed.


That Literary Healing
After my breakup I participated in a lot, walking around town chasing down and hiding books and going to meetups at coffee shops.


Professional Guidance
Seeing a therapist. I know it's not an option for everyone, but seeing a LMFT as a newly single person has been legitimately life changing.


Martial Arts FTW
Jiu jitsu. Choking people is strangely therapeutic.


Every woman is unique, so there's obviously no one single activity that's guaranateed to ease the pain of a breakup. But hey, it can't hurt to try something new. Whether you decide to hash it out with your sister, go for a mood-boosting morning run, or get back out there and download a dating app, it’s all about finding something that strengthens your sense of self as a newly single person, and furthermore, gives you the confidence to believe that you’ll be just fine on your own. Remember: This too shall pass. In the meantime, there’s Netflix, Yoga, and your BFF to distract you.