4 Workouts You Can Do For Each Stage Of Your Breakup

by Kaveri Khorana

We've all been through that phase where heartache felt like actual physical pain because the person who was the stars and the moon to you is now history. Situations, actions or just falling out of love can end your relationship, which was once the centre of your universe.

As humans, the next best thing to love are carbs and sugar. Greasy, cheesy pizza accompanied with sugary, fizzy sodas gives us solace and helps us to get through the day. Please don't do that to yourself; always remember you're stronger than you think.

I'm guilty of it too in the process of nursing my broken heart. But after a considerable amount of moping, I picked myself up and turned towards exercising, focusing on my mental and physical fitness.

Let's give you the incentive that if you follow the four workouts listed below, you're going to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you get your revenge body, but you will also see a huge change in your lifestyle and your emotional wellbeing.

Phase 1: Intense Cardio: Running and/or Cycling

The first phase of your breakup is shock, pain, emptiness and feeling low on energy and morale in general. Your bed is your best friend and your spine has permanently taken to the fetal position, not wanting to leave the comfort of your room.

Get up and wear those running shoes. Get your headphones on and get out of the house. Running and cycling both really help you clear your head out. The basic rules to be kept in mind while running are: Music is a must and try running outside in the open than the gym, preferably where you will be away from the crowd, cars and concrete. Go alone. This is your battle to win so fight it alone.

Running eases the pain. Believe me, your heart beats faster and somehow, the heartache seizes to exist for that moment. Running gives you the space to reflect, think and understand why everything happens for a reason and whatever happens, happens for the best.

So start running and cycling. It will help you get past the shock and antisocial stage of the breakup.

Phase 2: Kickboxing

Sounds very cliche, but cliches exist for a reason. Because they work wonders. Your second phase is frustration, anger and absorbing the fact that you are no longer anybody's plus-one, SO or speed dial contact.

This feeling makes you want to scream, meet your ex and punch them in the face.

This is why you need to join kickboxing. It helps you blow off steam. Wouldn't it be so comforting to imagine the face of your ex at the other end of your kicks and boxes?

Venting is one of the most important aspects post-breakup. You need to get out everything you're feeling emotionally.

And let's be real, as you grow older, BFFs aren't there like they were back in high school, which is fine. But you need to vent to find your peace.

Kickboxing is the best way to vent and get all the emotional pain and anger out. It cleanses you from the inside. Something you need to do in order to maintain your sanity.

Phase 3: Functional training

So now you've moved on to your third phase where the anger is a shade better, and you realize life isn't falling apart the way you thought it would.

When things went downhill for me, I went through all phases and finally decided to get myself together and act like a sissy. I decided to up my game and I enrolled at CrossFit. I think this has been the best thing that has happened to me post-breakup. I had developed insomnia and no matter how much I ran, cycled and kickboxed,  it just wouldn't tire me out mentally.

In this phase, a lot of people will suddenly realize they have a lot of free time at hand or even suffer from insomnia because that is how much mind space your partner occupied. It's amazing how much space we create in our minds for the ones we love and when they leave, that void surfaces and gives us a hard time.

CrossFit helped me get over that in about 10 days. This workout is all about your mental endurance. Physical movements and endurance are actually a secondary aspect. It builds tolerance and resistance in your mind. You challenge yourself to push yourself at every squat, every burpee, every push up.

Give it a month, you'll not only be emotionally stronger, you'll have the revenge body every girl dreams of and every guy regrets.

Phase 4: Yoga

This is the acceptance and peace stage. Not that everything is hunky dory in your life now. There is still that void, that feeling of not being a full circle. But yoga is one thing that really connects you to your inner self.

The time spent away from technology and focusing on aspects such as breathing, prayers, vibrations and energies surrounding you, prepares you to be ready for all the positive things to come in life.

Yoga calms your nerves and relaxes your body even though you're actually working out. There is absolutely no element of technology, not even music, which is sometimes very important. It's a detox everyone needs.

You begin to realize and appreciate the good in your life and you might also amicably move on from your ex. It's also a great way to keep that revenge body in shape and to sustain flexibility, endurance and strength.

Heartbreaks are really hard, they turn your world upside down in the bad way. But channeling those energies and emotions to something that involves physical activity is the best thing you can do to yourself.

Someone chose to walk out of your life. So what? Be there for yourself and don't walk out on you.

And always remember, you are stronger than you think.