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Gal Gadot's Staring Contest On TikTok Is So Good, You'll Want To Duet It

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Wonder Woman has arrived on TikTok, and she's already showing off her strengths. Gal Gadot's TikTok staring contest is too good to not watch, and plenty of TikTokers have already taken on the DC superhero in this challenge. On Jan. 6, 2021, Gadot posted a video on TikTok calling on people to participate in the "challenge of all challenges" — a staring contest. No need to memorize choreography or figure out a filter, because all you need for this challenge is your game face and a duet.

It's such a fun and simple challenge that many TikTokers decided to put their own spin on it. Some cosplayers have duetted Gadot dressed in Wonder Woman outfits, while others have gotten their four-legged friends involved. If you want to join in on the fun, all you need to do is go to Gadot's original video and click on the "Duet" button within the "Share to" menu. That'll take you to a new TikTok screen where you can record a side-by-side video with Gadot.

When the staring contest begins, try not to blink before Gadot does. Be sure to make your video unique to you. And iff you still need a little inspo, here are seven Gal Gadot staring contest TikToks to watch at home.

This TikToker Rocks The Challenge In A Wonder Woman Tiara

One way to stand out in your TikTok video is by wearing your very own Wonder Woman tiara. You never know, it just may bring you the strength to beat Gadot at her own contest. And no worries if you don't have a tiara on hand, because you can always make your own with paper or cardboard.

This Cosplayer Crushes It In The Wonder Woman 'Fit

If you're a cosplayer or were once Wonder Woman for Halloween, now is the time to break out your costume and wear it again. Duet Gal Gadot while dressed like Wonder Woman. You could even try a fun TikTok transition into costume right before the staring contest begins for a cool reveal.

This Twinning Moment Totally Slays The Contest

This TikToker had a major #twinning moment with Gadot and did a fun, little TikTok transition while getting into character with a tiara.

This Dog Even Joined In On The Fun

This sweet pup participated in the Gal Gadot challenge, and the finished product will seriously make you LOL. It's so darn cute, you just might have to film your own furry friend doing the challenge.

This TikToker Added In Some Commentary

Add some of your own commentary to your duet by turning on the mic to record. To get the best sound quality, be sure to wear your headphones. This TikToker recorded the challenge with sound and hilariously said, "Anything for you," throughout the beginning of the video.

This TikToker Wants A Winning Title Of "The New Wonder Boy"

This TikToker decided that if they won, they'd become the new Wonder Boy. So, I guess we now have a new superhero to welcome to the DC universe.

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