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The Week Of February 3 Will Be Extra Exciting For These Zodiac Signs

The sun is in radical, friendly, and eccentric Aquarius and you're being encouraged to fight for what's right and rediscover your most authentic self. What's Aquarius season if not a valid reason to embrace your weirdest quirks and introduce yourself to lots of exciting new people? If you're loving the energy of this fixed air sign, then you'll love the fact that February 3, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Libra, or Aquarius.

On Feb. 7, Venus — planet of love and friendship — enters passionate, competitive, and gutsy Aries. Although Venus is technically in detriment (meaning the planet is not functioning the way it's used to) when in Aries, there's plenty of heat and excitement to go around. With Venus in Aries, it's time for love at first sight and coming on strong. Over-the-top displays of affection will get you far, so feel free to go all in on your desires. However, try to keep things lighthearted, because Venus in Aries is not about committing to the long term.

Venus isn't the only planet moving into a red-hot fire sign. On Feb. 9, a full moon in Leo will radiate throughout the cosmos, encouraging creativity self-expression, playfulness, and confidence. Let this full moon reveal all your hidden talents and reminds you that life is meant to be enjoyed. Shut off your inner critic and create without inhibition The full moon in Leo calls for it.


Aries: Your Social Life Is Filled With So Much Love And Excitement

Is your phone blowing up? Do you have more party invites than you can juggle? Did that cutie from work just ask you out? If so, it's no wonder, because Venus has just entered your first house of the self, increasing your ability to lure everyone in with all your attractive qualities. Go ahead and indulge your most Venusian tendencies. Spend some extra time on your appearance, embrace all the love you're being given, and light up a room with your natural charm. Watch how your social life and your love life both expand this week.

Libra: You're Feeling Extra Sexy, Flirtatious, And Romantic

You're riding a magic carpet this week, Libra. In fact, you might find yourself falling in love with someone new or spicing things up with your current partner. This is a beautiful time to go on a few romantic dates or indulge in your creativity. Your artistic tendencies are tingling and your heart is wide open, so do whatever it is that gives you butterflies in your stomach. Whatever you do, don't let this energy pass you by. You can make some incredible memories if you so choose.

Aquarius: You're On Top Of The World And You Know It

Who's the top dog? You are, Aquarius. It's your season and you're really feeling yourself. Now's not the time to deny your instincts or keep your true feelings to yourself. Let the world know exactly who you are. Say it loud and clear. Watch how it brings you closer to all the right people and all the right opportunities. You've learned so much about yourself this past year. Now, it's time to try everything you were too scared to do, because you're only getting more powerful with time.