These 3 Zodiac Signs Are In For A Rough Ride This Week

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The astrology of this entire month is serious business, because this Aquarius season carries far more weight than Aquarius seasons of the recent past. After all, Saturn — planet of karma and restriction — and Jupiter — planet of growth and expansion — are both in Aquarius, infusing this season with added intensity and purpose. You're currently gearing up to a highly tense and pressurized moment when Saturn squares off with erratic and unpredictable Uranus, which takes place a few weeks from now. You're likely already feeling the buildup of energy, which is one reason why February 1, 2021 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

This week might feel tumultuous and possibly volatile. After all, it begins with the sun forming a square with aggressive and combative Mars on Feb. 1. While this can feel incredibly motivating and energizing, it might also lead to unnecessary conflicts that could have easily been avoided with more patience and critical thinking. By Feb. 3, the last quarter moon in Scorpio will continue that intensity as it opposes Mars, leaving you with a shorter fuse and higher sensitivities.

Your relationships might be put through the wringer. As Venus — planet of love — joins forces with stoic and inhibiting Saturn on Feb. 6, this might lower the frivolousness and excitement as you consider how mature and worthwhile your relationships truly are. Can they stand the test of time? As Venus squares off with freedom-loving and capricious Uranus, it may feel harder to stick to your commitments and remain locked in a longterm relationship. Luckily, healthy relationships will have no problem surviving this.

Here's what water signs can expect:

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Cancer: You May Feel Disconnected From Your Creative Joy

This week, it may feel like there's so much closing in on you at once. When you feel like doing one thing, there may be another thing that distracts you from your desires. When you feel the spark of inspiration, it might feel difficult to turn that spark into a full-blown fire. Everything might feel totally intense at the moment, Cancer, and as a result, all the various sources of this intensity are canceling each other out and speaking over each other. What you need to do this week is breathe, become present, and start prioritizing your desires. You can't do it all at once, so you might as well start somewhere.

Scorpio: You Might Be Engaging In Conflict With Your Loved Ones

For you, dear Scorpio, this week might be somewhat extra. You might feel overwhelmed with passion; passion that can easily become anger when focused on a negative thought or feeling. You may find yourself on the verge of turning a passing frustration into a prolonged grudge. You may feel like turning a simple disagreement into an ugly debate. Choose your battles this week, Scorpio. At the heart of all this aggression is an incredibly sensitive and empathetic heart. When you feel hurt, it's only natural to feel defensive, but it's more effective to be kind to yourself.

Pisces: You're Feeling Your Emotions And They Feel Intense

It's not easy being a Pisces. Whether your sun, moon, or rising sign is in Pisces, you're a deep feeler who is constantly absorbing the vibrations radiating around you. No matter who you're talking to or what the situation is, your heart is always fully engaged. This week, you're feeling even more sensitive and absorbent than usual (if that's even astrologically possible). Make sure to put up boundaries when you feel like you're taking on too much, and if you need to take a break from the situation, excuse yourself. Learn your emotional limits and don't feel bad about admitting them.