Curly Girl Fall Is Here, & The Trendiest Curly Hairstyles Are All About Volume

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If you're not frantically searching for ways to change up your look, then you and I prep for fall in completely different ways. When the seasons change, I don't just transition my wardrobe — I like to revamp my skincare routine, my signature glam, and of course, my go-to hairstyles. If you, too, are looking for a change, might I suggest the most popular fall 2019 hairstyle trends for curly hair, as predicted by both runway trends and your fave celebs? Curly girls are in for not just a good hair day, but a full-on good hair season, so if you're hoping to work with your natural texture or make good use of your curling wand, pay close attention.

For tips on all the top curly trends, I turned to New York City-based hairstylist Daniel Lutz, who, in addition to being gifted in the art of hairstyling, happens to have a great head of curls himself. The top trends he predicts? For updos, super curly ponys, and for shapes, good ol' curly bangs. As for styling hair worn down, there's the option of brushing out curls for fluffy disco vibes, or crimping straighter strands for a fun, textured finish. Read on for the deets on each look below.

The Curly Pony

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All summer, celebs were rocking sleek, straight ponies, but fall's updos are all about amping up texture, not flat-ironing it out. "This is one of the easiest looks to achieve," insists Lutz, whether you're working with natural hair or hoping to give straight or wavy strands a curly twist. If you've already got curls, create your updo while hair is wet and then take a product such as the DevaCurl SUPERCREAM Coconut Curl Styler ($28, and run it through the body of your pony. Your curls will dry defined and frizz-free.

And if your strands are naturally straight or wavy? Lutz says that's NBD. "Brands like Bellami or Glam Seamless make ponytail extensions for easy styling," he says. "You can either curl the extensions yourself or pick up extensions that are already curled! You just slick your hair back in a ponytail and you can take the extension piece and wrap it around your ponytail for a full and dramatic look," he explains.

A similar approach was definitely taken for this curly pony, seen on Bella Hadid:

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The Crimp

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Lizzie McGuire is coming back, and so is crimped hair! Rejoice! "Brands like The Product Junkie and Amika make really awesome wavers that can give you an update on the '80s crimp, but for something a bit tighter, go with the ghd Contour Hair Crimper ($101, originally $169,," says Lutz, noting, "It’s fun to add texture!" It's also on sale for 40% off, so it's a true win-win.

Old-school crimped tresses were all over the Fall/Winter 2019 runway, as seen above at PH5, but if you're looking to ease your way in, opt for a waver and get for a chunkier crimped look like Joan Smalls:

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The Curly Bangs

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While I know lots of people are scared of curly bangs, I'm here to tell you that Curly. Bangs. Are. Cute. AF. Period!!! "This is a style best suited for someone trying to enhance their natural texture," says Lutz, and celebs such as Zendaya, Ciara, and Yara Shahidi have certainly proven him right.

Like, if you've ever been nervous about curly bangs, let this fierce photo of Yara Shahidi comfort and inspire you:

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"Making sure the curls of the bangs are defined like the rest of the hair is key," advises Lutz, who insists once again that a curl definer is your friend. "Using a curl cream like the Curl Corps Defining Cream ( from Amika is my favorite way to achieve definition," he says.

Disco Fluff

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I know brushing out curls can be daunting, but when done right, the look can be total disco diva goals, as seen on many celebs looking for tons of volume to complete on-stage performance lewks. If you're hoping to nail this style with natural hair, Lutz advises paying attention to your curl pattern before grabbing the hairbrush. "Anything above a 3C would be too coiled to make the look work," he warns, "So if your natural curl pattern is too tight, it’s not going to have the same effect. If the curl pattern is tighter you’re going to need some heat to stretch out the curl." Noted!

And if you're creating a fluffy finish yourself, like the styles worn by models at the Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2019 show?

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"The best way to achieve this style is curling the hair using a smaller barrel curling iron, like the Hot Shot Tools Gold Series Spring Curling Iron 1/2 Inch ($49,," says Lutz, noting, "Make sure you’re curling the hair in opposite directions for the most volume." After your curls set, it's time to brush 'em out to fully ignite said va-va-volume! "Use a paddle brush to really stretch out the hair," says Lutz. "Don’t be afraid to backcomb sections to get it bigger! The bigger the better," he insists.

Is this not all the hair inspo you could possibly need for one season? Shout out to Lutz for all the incredible tips — let Curly Girl Fall officially commence!

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