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These Fall 2019 Haircut Trends All Revolve Around One Look In Particular

2019 has been a wild year in terms of hair, y'all — I've seen bum-length ponytails, dramatic chops, and the return of bangs, which, real talk, is something I honestly never saw coming. If you thought things were slowing down, think again, as according to the top fall 2019 haircut trends predicted by my favorite hairstylists and hair experts, autumn's looks will be just as bold. Prepare to make a statement!

Your haircut doesn't necessarily define your look all on its own, but the right cut can expand your options when it comes to styling your strands. I know I'm not the only one who has been guilty of an impulse chop in the past, but for fall 2019, I strongly recommend thinking through your desired cut and shape, and talking it through with a trusted hairstylist. Often, they can tweak your vision to suggest something better-suited to your specific strands, which is a win-win all around. Every stylist I talked to about autumn hair trends seems in agreement that short hair will be taking over, with shaggy lobs and chic bobs winning out over lengthier styles by a longshot, so if you're hoping for advice on how to personalize this trend for you, read on for a little different expert-approved advice on fall's most popular cut.

Bobs And Lobs

First things first: My long-haired ladies, don't be scared by the fact that short hair is trending! Lobs and bobs are totally customizable, and according to Amy Clark, a stylist at the Rob Peetoom Salon in Williamsburg, New York who has blessed me with multiple beautiful haircuts, there are tons of ways to rock this trend. "The bob is still super cool and chic, whether it is cropped to the ear or touching the collarbone, blunt or textured, we love them both," Clark says.

A longer lob might look something like this Bella Thorne moment...

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...but you can go as short as this asymmetrical style on Irina Shayk and still be on-trend!

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Rise of the Baby Bang

Lobs and bobs look incredible when accented by bangs to spice things up, so even though I'm personally a little scared of them, I trust Clark when she insists the look will be hot, even as temps grow cooler come fall. "In the shorter styles we’re seeing more polished, strong cuts with baby bangs and no volume on top," Clark says.

FYI, baby bangs are bangs cut to sit mid-forehead, well above the brows, as seen here on Winnie Harlow:

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"If you’re scared to change your whole hairstyle, bangs are a good way to change it up," says Clark. "Ask your stylist to start with a smaller section, just in case you hate them, but I’m sure you won’t!" she advises.

I mean, any cut that makes me look more like Bella Hadid is a good thing. Right?

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A Fresh Start

According to Buddy Porter, Virtue Labs ambassador and stylist at MéCHE Salon in LA, the reason for the rise in shorter cuts' popularity is clear. "The bob has had an increase in popularity over the last couple years because it's very wash-and-go friendly for most hair textures, and if cut right, can be a beautiful, dramatic change," Porter says.

So true. Remember how shocking it was when Mila Kunis first went short? It was a major game-changer that gave her look some edge:

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"Fall is a great time for a chop because you’ll be getting rid of all the hair that was damaged from sun and other sources over the summer," adds Porter, and he's got a great point.

IMHO, Emma Roberts is queen of chopping her hair and giving it a fresh start, and she always looks bomb:

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Embrace Your Natural Texture

Rena Calhoun, Virtue Labs ambassador and stylist at Andy Le Compte Salon in LA, says another reason short strands are a growing trend is because they really work with your hair, not against it. "More recently, we’ve seen a trend of more and more women embracing their natural texture," says Calhoun. "My favorite hair cut on curly hair is a '70s, Jim Morrison-esque rock and roll shag," she adds. Very cool.

If you've got thick, natural waves like Vanessa Hudgens, your bob will practically style itself:

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And of course, natural curls also look incredible with shorter styles. Exhibit A: Yara Shahidi regularly rocking her short and sweet curls:

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But if you want a more protective style, a braided bob (as slayed by Amandla Stenberg!) is equally bomb:

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See? There are a million and one different ways to pull off short strands this fall, so if you do decide to make the chop, don't stress about it. You've got options.