These Short Haircut Trends Are So Good, You'll Want To Chop Off Your Locks Immediately

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Isn’t it funny how whenever you chop your locks off, you’re suddenly yearning for your longer hair two or three days later? Yet, when your hair is down to the floor, you can’t wait for a fresh, shorter 'do and a new attitude that comes along with it. If you’re in the latter category, perhaps it’s time to take the plunge, embrace the scissors, and check out these 2019 hair trends for short hair.

I took a pretty deep hair plunge this past May, when I quit my job as a magazine editor to become a full-time freelance writer. Just as I haven’t regretted quitting my job, I had #NoRegrets about cutting my hair, either. The timing was right, and my fresh bob really felt in sync with my new career goals.

Upon entering his studio, Paul Cucinello, founder of Cucinello Studio and my trusted, go-to hairstylist and colorist, showed me a picture of Sienna Miller with a short bob that he wanted to recreate on me. I immediately said, “Where are the scissors?” My hair has grown out since then, but I’m always down for another drastic change, because hair always grows back! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair lilac, but I’m too afraid of what bleach will do to my already parched strands. Perhaps another big life event will come my way, and I’ll be inspired to make another change!

My hair before the big chop:

Photo Courtesy of Daley Quinn

My hair after Paul worked his magic:

But enough about me. (Just kidding, I love talking about me.) Here are six hair trends to consider following in 2019!

Slicked Back/Wet Look

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In 2019, we’re going to start seeing even more of the slicked back or wet look for bobs, featuring low side partings tucked behind the ears, with the ends flicked out. “The key is to work with high-shine products that flatten hair and give it control,” says Ricardo Dinis, Aveda’s global artistic director, hair cutting. “Tucking hair behind the ears is also helpful if you don’t have the length for putting your hair up.”


The French Girl bob is still making waves, and with that comes a pretty blunt bang. “Bangs can make your one hairstyle look like two totally different looks — if they’re on the longer side, they can be split in the middle, or if they’re on the shorter side they can be pin curled and set, giving it a fuller bang,” says Esmeralda Rizzo, stylist at Eddie Arthur Salon.

Naturals Curls And Texture

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Put down the hair straightener in 2019, because this year is all about embracing the curls. When you’re getting your curly hair cut short, “it should be kept longer on the top because of shrinkage and the volume should stem from there,” says Dinis. “Keep the sides and back of the hair narrow to accentuate the face.”

Chic, Layered Bob

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The chic, layered bob is still here to stay, thanks to its super elegant, classic look. “We will also see softer graduated bobs that have more length in the front,” says Dinis. “It’s a versatile haircut, with the part moving from side to side, and is still easy to style because it has length through the top.”

Cropped Pastels

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Short hair colored with pastel shades will be a fun trend coming up in 2019. “Think an '80s or punk vibe,” says Dinis.

Hair Accessories

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Who doesn’t love a cute hair accessory? “Hair accessories are the go-to for people with shorter hair who want to make their hair look a little more sophisticated,” explains Dinis. “Hair accessories are a free for all – you can go to craft stores and make your own, make a statement using bobby pins, or incorporate pops of neon colors.”