I Tried Eating Like Meghan Markle & Here's What Happened

by Julia Guerra
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Part of me has always wanted to be royal. Sure, I’m daddy’s little princess, but Burger King crowns and toy scepters can only inspire a pretend kingdom, and of course, dreams of the true love I’d watch unfold before my eyes in Disney cartoons like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. When I grew up, I came to realize "princess" wasn’t just a title and a fancy chair. It was a job, and a hard one at that. I can only imagine what it’s like to dress and eat like a princess, so I tried eating like Meghan Markle for a day to dip my feet into a royal diet. If I couldn’t walk and talk like a royal, I could certainly eat like one, right?

OK, so technically, Markle isn’t an official member of the royal family just yet (May 19 can’t come soon enough), but up until a few days ago, she was the only almost-royal with social media accounts to stalk and all the foodtography to browse (she's since deleted all her social media profiles). Plus, she’s the perfect example of a Cinderella story. I mean, hello, the woman went from Deal or No Deal case model to fiancée of Prince Harry of Wales. Not that getting married to a prince is the end-goal for all of us, but this is as close to a fairytale as real life gets, and I’m clearly reveling in it.

From what I’ve gathered, Markle’s food regimen was fit for a princess long before Harry’s proposal. She’s obviously trained her taste buds to actually crave healthy foods, and not only does she believe in balance, she’s one to practice what she preaches. After reading a bunch of interviews and scanning her social feeds when they were still active, I comprised a menu inspired by Markle and dedicated one day to eating, sipping, and indulging like a princess. Here's what my day looked like.

My Personal Take On Markle's Signature Lemon Water
Julia Guerra

In an interview with Delish, Markle mapped out her entire menu for a typical work day. If you're curious (which, I'd assume you were, otherwise, why are you still reading this?) about how the former Suits actress begins her day, she told the foodie outlet that her mornings on-set always included a mug full of hot water and fresh lemon. So much health, so much grace, I cannot even handle it.

Literally, though, I can't handle it. Here's the thing: I loathe lemon water in general, but I find it even more appalling when it's warm. I don't know, friends, something about the taste just doesn't do it for me. However, in the name of the English throne, I decided Markle would probably be chill if I compromised and sipped on Bigelow's I Love Lemon With Vitamin C herbal tea instead.

Breakfast Called For A Two-Egg Omelette Loaded With Greens
Julia Guerra

Unlike lemon water, I love eggs. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm pretty sure Debbie from The Amanda Show segment The Girls Room is my spirit animal because I, too, profess my love for a nice scramble whenever the opportunity presents itself. Ergo, when I found out the princess in waiting was one to indulge in eggs on her days off, there was no doubt in my mind I'd follow suit.

Markle told Delish that, on hiatus, "all bets are off," which means instead of a bowl of oats for breakfast, she'd opt for "an omelette with fresh herbs and cheese, and toast." Clearly, I overlooked the toast detail, which is probably why I was ravenous by snack time, but this omelette was one of the best I've ever made and, trust me, I make a mean omelette: two eggs with garlic powder, salt, pepper, all the nutritional yeast for cheesy flavor, added protein, and vitamin B, a helping of roasted broccoli, and a spring mix for extra micronutrients. I definitely think Markle would approve.

I Tried Markle's Apples And Almond Butter With A Tasty Twist
Julia Guerra

Why, yes, that is a shaker of Himalayan pink sea salt — so glad you noticed! Honestly, this was probably the one single meal I was most skeptical of going into this experiment, but I knew if I was going to commit to eating like Meghan Markle for a day, I'd have to put this weird combination to the test.

When I first read that Markle was a fan of this classic childhood fave, I was thrilled. Apples and peanut butter was my jam throughout elementary school, and I happened to have a jar of almond butter on-hand so I could mimic Prince Harry's fiancée to a T. But then I realized she'd put her own spin on the nostalgic snack with a sprinkle of salt, and I was skeptical. Adding salt to a fruity, nut-buttery combo just sounded so wrong, but I can honestly say it tasted so right. TBH, I'd do it again.

A Loaded Salad Topped With Hummus For Lunch Was A Total Win
Julia Guerra

Before diving into a full day of Markle-inspired favorites, I had to narrow down the meals I could realistically mimic (which wasn't too difficult, BTW, because it turns out Markle and I have similar palates). Lunch was a hard spot to fill, though, because based on interviews and her late Instagram account (RIP), there wasn't a whole lot to go by. If she was on-set, she told Delish, salad with "some kind of protein" was her go-to option. This was vague AF, but certainly doable.

I threw together some spinach, chopped mushroom, yellow pepper, craisins, and topped the bowl with homemade hummus as my "some kind of protein." From this experience, I learned that I love hummus, but hummus does not love me. Even though my stomach hurt the morning after, I have no regrets. The combination was simply delectable.

To Finish Off The Night, I Crammed In Some Carbs With A Bowl Of Pasta
Julia Guerra

In case you haven't noticed, Meghan Markle is just like us. She tries her best to stay healthy, but she still always makes sure to honor her body's hunger, and she gives into cravings in moderation.

Carbs, she told Best Health, are her kryptonite, and she admittedly loves pasta. So, as my last meal of the day, I treated myself to a bowl of linguine with vodka sauce and a sprinkle of Romano cheese.

Granted, who knows what Markle's diet is going to look like once she checks into the royal palace, but for her sake, I hope there's pasta and wine waiting at the entrance. I'm sure Harry has it taken care of. Swoon.

Overall, eating like Meghan Markle for a day wasn't difficult at all because, honestly, we pretty much consume the same foods. I genuinely love incorporating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet, and sticking to a regimen rich in whole, earthy items that fuel my body. Like Markle, I also don't shy away from indulging in a glass of wine or a cookie (or two) because, royalty or not, balance is key.

Now that we've concluded Markle and I are basically twins, she should totally free up a room for me at the palace. Markle, if you're reading this, have your people (ehm, Harry) call my people.

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