5 Reasons Lemon Water Will Make You Healthy And Happier


Happy Global Health and Fitness Month!

I'm going to start by congratulating you on hopping aboard the fitness bandwagon that has been sweeping across the Internet for quite some time.

If you are reading this, you clearly care somewhat about your health and lifestyle. You want to look good, and you want to feel good because you are healthy. Welcome, I promise you will leave a little wiser.

Remember that first "ahhh" sound after a glass of lemonade, and wondering what it was that made you feel so refreshed?

Well besides the fact that it may have been a cold glass of lemonade, lemon is a natural energizer.

It hydrates and oxygenates the body, so you feel revitalized and refreshed, while enjoying that great-tasting flavor you love.

While I have your attention, let me share with you a few more facts about lemon water that has made it my next best drink:

1. Lemon water helps you lose weight.

Adding a glass of lemon water to your daily fitness regimen is that cherry on top of the cake (you're not having) for a healthier and more balanced meal. It's a great diet drink.

Personally, I like to have a glass of lemon water with my breakfast.

I've seen that in addition to my daily workouts, it has helped get me the fitness results I desire by keeping me hydrated and curbing feelings of hunger.

It must be that fast metabolism, which lemon water helps kickstart.

2. It gives you great skin.

Skincare products come a dime-a-dozen. There's no real difference between the best and the next best, but lemons offer a natural way to ensure your skin gets the care it needs.

The best part is, most of the ingredients are already in your kitchen. Lemon water not only makes a refreshing drink, but the lemons can also be stored and used as an exfoliator.

Such an exfoliator contains powerful antioxidants and aids in the removal of dead skin cells.

My morning routine goes like this: work out, drink lemon water and then use the leftover lemons as as an exfoliating scrub in the shower.

3. It reduces fever.

Who needs chicken noodle soup, when you have lemon water to curb your fever? It does this by increasing the rate of perspiration, reducing the fever naturally.

4. It's a key detox ingredient.

We take in enough junk as it is on a daily basis. Heart attacks on a plate (infamously known as fast food), sugar-filled soda drinks and other toxic weapons of bodily destruction have become a part of our culture.

From time to time, our systems need a cleanse, and I've taken the liberty of providing you the recipe for my special detox water.

I combine 12 cups of filtered water, one organic cucumber, two to three organic lemons and 10 to 12 mint leaves. Be sure to refrigerate your beverage for at least four hours before drinking.

5. It's good for smokers.

Lemon can treat throat infections caused by smoking, and being a rich source of Vitamin C, it helps in dealing with respiratory disorders, as well as other infections.

Studies show lemon can even provide relief for a person suffering from asthma.