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Ona is a Nigerian-Born Creative Writer and Marketing Enthusiast. Her passion and uncanny way of viewing the world, make her a fresh and intriguing storyteller. Look out for her debut 'Winging It' out Spring, 2018.

9 Signs You're Both An Introvert And An Extrovert, And That's OK

By O.I. Okoye
Most introverts are really shy and derive energy from silence, while most extroverts are really social and derive energy from being around other people. When you're an extroverted introvert, the entirety of your being is a conundrum. It took me a…

5 Warm Weather Destinations To Visit When The Winter Blues Get You Down

By O.I. Okoye
As much as I love dancing on the shores of Santa Monica Beach or driving with my windows down along the breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, I can't deny even sunny Los Angeles has its winter woes. Yes my dears, around this time of year, it…

5 Things To Do In Your 20s So You Don't Have Regrets In Your 30s

By O.I. Okoye
It's a wonderful time to be a 20-something. It seems to be the time we acknowledge and celebrate almost every aspect of our lives, except the most important one: ourselves. Think about it. In your early 20s, you're celebrating graduation. By your…

5 Things Millennials Need To Consider Before Saying 'I Do'

By O.I. Okoye
Springtime is upon us, and warm weather has been known to entice new love, flings and romance. It's also the most popular time of the year for engagements and weddings. I've always believed everyone needs a healthy fear of weddings. It's graceful,…

5 Reasons Lemon Water Will Make You Healthy And Happier

By O.I. Okoye
Happy Global Health and Fitness Month! I'm going to start by congratulating you on hopping aboard the fitness bandwagon that has been sweeping across the Internet for quite some time. If you are reading this, you clearly care somewhat about your…