Dunkin’ Donuts’ New Chicken & Waffles Inspired Snack Is Here & I Need It

Dunkin' Donuts

One of the best parts about being a kid was that snack time was a mainstay in your day-to-day life. As you grow up, though, daily snacks sometimes fall by the wayside. Thankfully, Dunkin' Donuts recently introduced a new menu that will help curb your midday hunger. Even though I'm all grown up now, my appreciation for the one and only snacking hour still burns with a fiery passion. The new Dunkin' Run menu is perfect for all snack aficionados, because it has items that are sweet and savory. Even though choosing my absolute favorite snack would be straight-up impossible, Dunkin' Donuts' Waffle-Breaded Chicken Tenders are here, and they definitely change the snack-time game.

OK, there's a likely chance that you've already heard about the latest and greatest addition to Dunkin' menus, which is known as the Dunkin' Run menu. According to the press release, it features a ton of tasty AF snacks, like a gluten-free Fudge Brownie, Pretzel Bites & Mustard, and, most importantly, Waffle Chicken Tenders. Not only are they delightfully crunchy thanks to the waffle batter, but they're super warm, a little sweet, and a little savory. One order comes with two hella juicy chicken tenders, and both are coated with a light, crispy waffle batter. Needless to say, I need to get my hands on an order of these ASAP, because it sounds like they would seriously hit the spot as a pre-lunch snack.

Each glorious item on the Dunkin' Run menu only costs a mere $2, according to the press release. Yes, you read that correctly: Two bucks is all you need for some snack-y goodness at DD. The Dunkin' Run menu became available as of Monday, July 30. This beyond convenient snack-time menu also features Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups and Doughnut Fries. So, whatever your craving might be, the Dunkin' Run menu most likely features something that'll be able to satisfy it. Between the Dunkin' Run menu's low prices and its diverse selection, I am so ready for snack time to roll around.

While you're busy snacking it up at DD, though, don't forget to pick up one a Shark Bite donut (if your local DD still has them!). It was officially released on June 27, but it's the perfect treat if you're already missing Discovery Channel's Shark Week. This viciously sweet treat is smothered in white icing, and it's topped with light blue shark-shaped sprinkles. They're available at Dunkin' Donuts restaurants nationwide through the end of August, while supplies last. So, make sure to snag one before they're all gone (or before I eat them all, TBH).

I don't know about you, but Waffle-Breaded Chicken Tenders are everything I want — and quite frankly — need. You and I both know that snack-time cravings can vary tremendously, though, so DD's Dunkin' Run menu is here to perfectly cater to each and every one of them. There are so many fabulous options to cure my midday slump, and choosing just one will be nearly impossible. TBH, I'll probably end up ordering one of everything. I mean, I'm only human.