Does Snapchat Have AR Predictor Filters? Instagram is taking the trend to new heights, but are they ...

Find Out Which Jonas Brothers Song You Are With This Snapchat Lens

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Since the "Which Disney" Instagram filter became a viral sensation, similar filters have kept the trend going. Since Snapchat is full of Augmented Reality (AR) Lenses, you might be wondering if Snapchat has AR predictor filters. Luckily, they do exist, and there's even a Lens that tells you which Jonas Brother's song you are.

The popular Instagram AR filters that you use to record yourself in selfie mode to find out which Disney or Friends character you are have been going strong since the beginning of the year. You probably noticed them cropping up while you were browsing IG Stories over your holiday break. Now, Snapchatters can get in on all the filter fun, too. These filters use AR technology — which makes digital content look like it's part of the physical world around you — to display cards above your head, which flip through your recording until displaying your match. Most of the Snapchat Lenses ask you to open your mouth to stop the reel from spinning. All it takes is a little detective work to find AR predictor Lenses on Snapchat. Finding these AR prediction filters is somewhat less work than on the 'Gram. There are a couple ways to do it, one which is similar to an IG method.

Find AR prediction Lenses on Snapchat from your friends' Stories.

While this method probably isn't the most efficient, it's fun to see which filters your friends have already discovered. Plus, if you follow any celebs, you can search their Stories, too.

  1. If you find a Snapchat Story with an AR predictor Lens, you can tap the Lens icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. The Lens name will come up. Tap on the Lens to use it in your camera.
  3. Once you record a Snapchat video using the Lens, it should automatically be saved to your Lens reel.
Snapchat/Nick Jonas
Snapchat/Nick Jonas

Search for key terms to find AR Predictor Lenses.

Unlike Instagram's "Browse Effects" section, searching for community AR Lenses on Snapchat is pretty easy. If you've tried on Instagram, you know there is no way to search through their Effects Gallery when you want to find a particular prediction filter. To search on Snapchat, follow these steps below:

  1. From your Snapchat camera screen, tap the Smiley face icon for Lenses next to the camera shutter.
  2. Tap the button with two overlapping smiley faces between the "X" and the "Discover" tab. This brings you to the Lens discovery page.
  3. You can look through "Top Lenses" to find prediction filters that are trending and select one of those, or tap the search bar at the top of your screen.
  4. To search, enter a keyword related to prediction filters, such as "which character" and "which," or you can search for a particular show, movie, or trending filter.
  5. Tap "Try Lens" to use it. And voila! After you've used it in a video, you'll see it in your Lens reel.

Some AR prediction filters similar to the trending ones of Instagram include the "Which Meme Are You?" filter by CyreneQ; the "which disney" by Fahad.en*; "Which The Office" by CyreneQ; "Which FRIENDS" by FOLL Reklamebyra; and the "Vision2020" prediction filter by Abbienaija. And, of course, the "Which Jo Bros Song Are You?" created by none other than Kevin Jonas.

It might take a little searching to find them, but TBH, it seems a little easier to locate the AR prediction Lenses on Snapchat when compared to Instagram.