Fans Are Wondering If Clay & Angela Get Back Together On 'Bachelor In Paradise'


Romance can get messy on Bachelor in Paradise, and as Season 6 has shown, it becomes even messier when off-camera drama enters the game. In addition to Blake Horstmann's never-ending conflicts surrounding his actions at a certain music festival, Clay Harbor has also had his fair share of drama, namely due to his recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend Angela Amezcua, who recently entered Paradise as a contestant. The unexpected addition has fans wondering: Do Clay and Angela get back together on Bachelor in Paradise? The exes have already proven they still care for each other.

In case you missed it, Season 21 Bachelor contestant Angela unsuccessfully searched for love on Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. Following the filming of Season 5, her co-star Chris Randone introduced her to his fellow Bachelorette contestant Clay, then a NFL player. In September 2018, Angela and Clay began dating publicly and frequently posted Instagram pictures of themselves cuddling across the country. Right as fans began to notice a decrease in their photos together, Us Weekly reported in April 2019 that Clay and Angela had split.

As Season 6 of Paradise began, contestant Annaliese Puccini, a close friend of Angela, warned the other women that she believed Clay wasn't ready to look for love again. She even confronted Clay about apparently breaking up with Angela soon after they discussed having kids and buying a house together. Clay brushed off the accusations, telling Annaliese she was "misinformed." Little did he know, his emotions toward Angela would be tested sooner rather than later.


When the cast was invited to the televised wedding of Chris and his Paradise love Krystal Nielson, Clay witnessed Angela serving as a bridesmaid. He was later invited to the couple's reception sans Nicole Lopez-Alvar, who he had been dating on Paradise. As Nicole feared he would reconnect with Angela, Clay nervously admitted to his ex that he cared for her and wanted her to be happy.

On the other hand, Angela still wasn't pleased about how Clay ended things.

Angela returning to Paradise at the end of Aug. 27's episode now brings up the possibility of a rekindled romance between her and Clay. The preview for the next episode teases that Angela's arrival creates tension for Nicole, who tells cameras, "The last person I wanted to see in the world is Clay's ex-girlfriend. She wants to make him jealous, make him doubt why he broke up with her. It's like a creepy dream come true for her."

The footage even hints that Clay becomes so troubled about the situation, he contemplates exiting the show. "I don't know what the right thing to do is," he says in the promo. "I might leave Paradise."

Contestants have to keep their Paradise fates under wraps until the season ends, but Clay's Instagram could be a solid clue about where his heart lies. As of Aug. 30, Clay also hasn't uploaded any snapshots from Paradise, which is a little unusual for a current contestant. The fact that he hasn't deleted photos with Angela could be a sign of his feelings, while the lack of Nicole on his feed may be telling of what their relationship status is now. Meanwhile, Nicole has mostly stuck to posting her reaction shots from the show and giving them funny captions.

Fans have to wait and see how this love triangle progresses onscreen. Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Sept. 2, on ABC.