Prepare To LOL At These Memes Of Clay From The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Wedding


On Bachelor in Paradise, John Paul Jones' spiraling reaction to losing the woman he liked provided plenty of witty online commentary, but memes of Clay from the Bachelor in Paradise wedding just might have overshadowed JPJ's freak-out. Clay's reaction to seeing his ex-girlfriend, Angela Amezcua, while dating fellow Paradise contestant Nicole Lopez-Alvar inspired Bachelor Nation to laugh over his pain. He might have been struggling in this odd love triangle, but fans can't help but delight in the hilarious situation Clay faced.

In the first week of Season 6 of Paradise, Clay Harbor's presence didn't sit well with cast member Annaliese Puccini, who had appeared on the previous season with Clay's ex-girlfriend Angela. Paradise contestant Chris Randone had introduced Clay and Angela following Season 5, and the pair then dated for about eight months. But according to Annaliese, Clay broke things off in April 2019, right after he and Angela had discussed having kids and buying a house together.

Annaliese was convinced Clay wasn't on the show for the right reasons so soon after his breakup, but once she was eliminated later that week, ghosts of Clay's past seemed unlikely to arrive on the beach, and Clay's budding relationship with Nicole became more serious.

That changed when the Season 6 cast was invited to the wedding of Clay and Angela's matchmaker Chris and his Paradise sweetheart Krystal Nielson. Knowing Angela would be at the wedding as a bridesmaid sent Clay into a bit of a spiral, and his reaction to seeing her walking down the aisle was honestly kind of priceless.

In the shot, Angela is clearly reveling in looking fantastic in front of her ex, while Clay's wide-eyed expression captures his split feelings and Nicole cautiously watches on.

Angela's entrance deserves its own entry in every dating guidebook ever, and viewers applauded her bold appearance.

The the moment even had some fans on Twitter embracing their super creative sides.

The day grew a little more serious when Clay was invited to the reception and Nicole had to return to the beach. Nicole was "honestly terrified" that Clay would reconnect with Angela at the party, and while the former couple didn't quite fall into each other's arms, they did talk about their past.

"I still do care about you a lot," Clay told Angela. "You’re a really special person to me. You’re a sweetheart. I just want you to be happy."

Still irked about how suddenly Clay ended their relationship, Angela wasn't feeling as sentimental. The couple admitted that despite these difficulties, they still cared for each other, and at the end of Aug. 27's episode, Angela joined the Season 6 cast. Nicole certainly won't be thrilled about this piece of Clay's past showing up, but if there's anything Bachelor Nation can relate to, it's running into an ex with your current beau nearby. Fans will have to wait and see how this love triangle progresses as Angela settles onto the beach.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Sept. 2, on ABC.