9 Women Reveal Why They Didn't Wear White To Their Wedding, Because The Bride Is The Boss

It's common courtesy to skip the white if you're attending someone's wedding. Of course, this tradition seems contingent on the bride herself choosing to wear eggshell, whipped cream, vanilla, or any other baking-themed shade on her special day. This brings up the time-honored question — do brides have to wear white at all? From Beyonce's mouth to your ears: "Girls run the world" — and surely that can happen in any color under the sun.

In 2010, David's Bridal, one of America's biggest wedding dress companies, hit the market with multicolored wedding dresses. In 2014, Michele Von Plato, their senior vice president for design shared that since 2010, multicolored gown sales have doubled every year. Contemporary celebs like Mandy Moore, Jessica Biel and Kaley Cuoco all rocked pink when they got hitched, joining the ranks of vintage faves like Elizabeth Taylor and Tina Turner, who both rocked rainbow styles when they tied the knot. From beach weddings to not wanting to match your bride, there are endless reasons why a bride might choose to opt out of wearing white.

I spoke with nine brides who rocked different colors on their special day about why they opted out of white.

theoutsidebride on Instagram
I wore blue on my wedding because it makes my eyes pop. It's your day, you should wear what makes you feel beautiful.

— Naomi, 27

Mix it up!
lovemydress on Instagram
I just wanted to be different. I just wanted to mix it up. White's not my color and I didn't want to spend my wedding in fear of spilling wine on myself.

— Amy, 26

I didn't wear white because my wife was wearing white. I wanted to wear another color. Idk we're gay and in love, we can do whatever we want.

— Jenn, 28

Fashion, Baby
weddingdressesguide on Instagram
Wearing a white dress just seemed like a waste of my own resources. I work in fashion, and get to work with so many amazing designers, I wanted something just for me.

— Momo, 29

Comfort is key.
thebeautybeau on Instagram
I don't do dresses. Never really have. I rocked a really cool metallic jumpsuit to my wedding and tore it up on the dance floor.

—Alesin, 25

Surf's up!
philawedding on Instagram
My first marriage was super young, we didn't know anything, we made a huge show of it, and we were divorced within a months. Years later when I met my now husband, I just wanted a mellow beach wedding. We both wore our swimsuits and hit the waves after the civil ceremony.

— Emma, 29*

All White
heatherbengeevents on Instagram
I had all my guests wear white and then totally rocked the house in an icy silver dress. I wanted a winter wonderland theme, and wanted everyone else to be in whites.

— Luci, 24*

New Rules
weddingdressesguide on Instagram
The idea of 'giving away' the bride or having me wear white seemed archaic and off putting to us. We had a big bright wedding.

— Cara, 25

Low Key
marriedinny on Instagram
We eloped pretty quickly into meeting and I wore jeans and a top. We went into city hall and signed the papers. I think we'll do a big party this summer.

— Liz, 30

There's no dress code for falling in love, and there's certainly not one for celebrating tying the knot. On your wedding day, wear whatever makes you feel amazing, whatever color or style that may be. So, if you're wondering, do brides have to wear white? Remember the only "I do" you need is the one at the ends of your vows.

*Names have been changed