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These Signs Are Gonna Feel The Heat The Week Of Dec. 23 — And Not In A Good Way

You know that saying, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"? The problem with it is, in astrology, there's no way to leave the kitchen... because that kitchen is also your life. The heat? Well, this week, that heat comes from a solar eclipse in Capricorn on Dec. 26. The pressure is intense, the game is on, and you can try your best not to get burned, but December 23, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs regardless: Gemini, Cancer, and Libra.

At its core, a solar eclipse wants to realign your path. It's when out-of-control events can take place and readjust your priorities. If you're stuck in a rut or avoiding taking risks, a solar eclipse can act as a reawakening. Embrace whatever revelations come your way during this intense astrological time, because all of it is here to help you become a better person.

This should be a rather inspirational and positive solar eclipse, so don't live in the past. When the sun forms a trine with radical and revolutionary Uranus on Dec. 24, you'll see the bright side of the changes taking place and feel motivated to make a difference. Then, when the sun forms a conjunction with larger-than-life Jupiter on Dec. 27, you'll see how change can be incredibly empowering and exciting. When there is loss, there will inevitably be a gain. Watch what the next chapter has in store.


Gemini: You're Investing And Divesting Your Energy, So Get To Work

You're often told, "Never give up," but sometimes, giving up is the wisest move you can make. If you're attached to a relationship, a contract, or a commitment that's leading nowhere, it may be time to cut your ties. Remember that your first priority is always yourself, so remove yourself from energy vampires. Loyalty is beautiful, but being loyal to a fault is not. Make space for new things to arrive and embrace the excitement of committing to something new. Leaving something behind doesn't indicate failure and life is not a contest to be won.

Cancer: Your Relationships May Currently Be A Source Of Stress

You've got some decisions to make regarding your closest relationships. Take time to decide what it is that you value in a relationship. Are you receiving the respect that you deserve? Are you two on the same page? Is this relationship helping you grow as a person? It's natural for a relationship to reach an expiration date. However, problems don't necessarily mean your relationship is headed for failure. If you both truly want it to work and are willing to put in the effort, enduring problems can be exactly what makes your relationship stronger in the long run.

Libra: You Can't Avoid Issues Waiting For You At Home Any Longer

It's easy to want to shove your dirty laundry into a closet that never sees the light of day. But over time, that closet gets packed to the brim, and unless you deal with it, that dirty laundry can spill out for all the world to see when you least expect it. It's time you take a look at that dirty laundry, both figuratively and literally speaking. Spend time sorting through the chaos that may be festering in your home life, acknowledge issues with your family, and spend time reorganizing your space. Your private life deserves your attention.