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If You're One Of These Signs, Your Head May Be In A Strange Place This Week


Gather your bearings, because you are this close to closing the chapter of 2020 with a flourish. With the end of the year just around the corner, you're probably thinking it's time to shut off and go on autopilot as you ride out the remaining time you have left. However, the astrology slated to take place this week proves there's so much left to be done and so many surprises yet to unfold. Even if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of December 21, 2020 — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — you're making the best of it. Even if the cosmos are dealing you a difficult hand at the moment, it's inspiring something beautiful within you, so keep the faith.

Unfortunately for air signs, the sun enters stoic, rigid, and pragmatic Capricorn on Dec. 21. When the sun is transiting an earth sign, it tends to bring up emotionally heavy and overwhelming issues for those who were born under the influence of earth. Although the experience is ultimately strengthening and necessary, it's no picnic.

And that's not all — this is a majorly important and formidable week for the zodiac as a whole, because Saturn and Jupiter are also forming a conjunction on Dec. 21, initiating a new era for the collective. Saturn and Jupiter meet up every 20 years, however, they haven't met in the sign of Aquarius — for The Great Conjunction — since the 1400s. Now that's groundbreaking news that will surely have long-lasting ramifications.

Aside from the major planetary moves, aggressive Mars will connect with intense Pluto on Dec. 23, encouraging transformative levels of ambition. Messenger Mercury and the sun will also form trines with innovative Uranus by the end of the week, inspiring lightbulb-over-head ideas and conversations that lead to wonderful breakthroughs. Clearly, it's not all bad; in fact, it's interesting.

Here's what the following zodiac signs can expect:


Gemini: You're Entering A Dark Period Of Transformation

Your head may be in a strange, dark, taboo place this week, Gemini. The sun and Mercury are now coursing through your eighth house of death and rebirth, putting your focus on what strings need to be tied up before you can embrace an ending. It's also inspiring penetrating thought patterns that could lead to beautiful revelations as much as they could cause you to think yourself into a corner. Do your best to stay grounded this week, and if you feel yourself taking a thought too far, try to find a way to keep yourself down to earth. Your powers of transformation are strong right now, so use them wisely.

Libra: You're Sorting Through Conflicts In Your Personal Life

What you really need this week is a feeling of comfort and belonging. If you're not getting the love, nurturing, and compassion that you need from your corner of the world, it's time to create these sentiments yourself. The sun and Mercury are in your emotional fourth house of home and family, encouraging you to make loving changes such as redesign your living space or spending more time with relatives. However, conflicts are ensuring this week as Mars squares off with Pluto, creating the perfect environment for testy exchanges to reach boiling points. Use those diplomatic skills you've got, Libra.

Aquarius: There Is So Much Pressure On Your Shoulders

This week, Jupiter and Saturn are joining forces in Aquarius and no one is feeling it more than you. This transit is initiating a new beginning; a beginning that will hit the collective as a whole as well as impact you on a personal level. Expect to feel as though all your shortcomings and bad decisions are coming back to haunt you, because Saturn is a no-nonsense disciplinarian and right now, Jupiter is fueling Saturn's energy and encouraging its teachings. You may feel as thought the universe is forcing you to step up to the plate, but don't worry. You can handle this.