Dale Moss and Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette

Dale's Dad Gave Him The Sweetest Advice Before He Left For 'The Bachelorette'

After four weeks of hearing the name Dale on The Bachelorette more than anyone ever thought possible, Bachelor Nation’s collective stress over Clare Crawley’s tenure as leading lady has finally come to a close. Crawley and Dale Moss are happily engaged and making press rounds now that they’ve exited the show, including an appearance on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast hosted by Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay. On the Nov. 6 episode, Moss revealed his dad gave him advice before The Bachelorette that stuck with him throughout the process, and y’all, you may want to write this down.

When Kufrin asked Moss what initially drew him to Crawley, he said he felt safe and secure, and that he trusted her immediately. “I couldn’t even put my finger on it right away, but I just knew that she had me,” Moss said. He continued, saying he felt “unbelievably” comfortable opening up to Crawley, acknowledging that it can be difficult to find that in any relationship. “But I never once questioned it,” he said. “And I remember, before I got there, I was riding with my dad and I was like, ‘Do you think she’s going to like me?’ And he’s like, ‘When your souls connect, there’s nothing that will keep you apart if it’s meant to happen.’ And that’s exactly what happened on the first night. It was powerful. It was amazing.”

And it rings 100% true. Nothing could keep Moss and Crawley apart during filming — not even 30 other dudes and a set of very specific rules set in place throughout 18 years and 40 seasons of the franchise! This couple was clearly, if nothing else, determined to forge their own path.

In case you haven’t been watching, Crawley and Moss felt instant chemistry from the first night they met. So much so, that Crawley had a hard time focusing on or connecting with any of the other contestants. The tension between Crawley and the rest of the cast came to a head during Episode 3, when the men began expressing annoyance that Crawley seemed to be giving Moss preferential treatment. This led showrunners to give Crawley and Moss the opportunity to get engaged early and exit the show together, replacing Crawley with a new lead, Tayshia Adams.

After their engagement aired on the Nov. 5 episode, Crawley and Moss both took to Instagram to celebrate their love. Crawley captioned her post, “It’s official!! Love wins!!!! 💍❤️!!!!I I love you @dalemoss13!!!!” and Moss captioned his, “Never a point I won’t show up for you @clarecrawley 💍 🌹.” So sweet. There's no doubt these two were meant to be from the start.