Colton Underwood Called An Instagram Troll "Barb" & It's Hilariously Shady

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Despite following some of the most intimate moments of their lives, it's always weird for viewers when the worlds of Bachelor personalities collide. Whether it's runners-up from past seasons falling in love in Paradise or fan-faves becoming besties IRL — it always seems to make fans' heads spin. Just recently, this phenomenon happened when Colton Underwood shaded Barb Weber on Instagram, which not only connects two Bachelor seasons together, but also goes to show just how wild things got with Peter's mom.

If Pilot Pete's season is still all you can think about, here's a refresher on where the previous Bachelor stands: Colton gave Cassie Randolph the final rose on Season 23, after she broke things off and left the competition, saying she wasn't ready for an engagement. Colton, knowing he wanted to be with her, took the engagement idea off the table and simply asked her to be his partner. Since then, they have have been thriving as a couple for well over a year, and most fans are super into their love story.

Recently, Cassie posted a cute photo of the two of them hugging, and one of the few people, seemingly in the entire world, who don't like them together commented, "How long until they break up?" This type of trolling isn't uncommon for Bachelor franchise stars, but still, Colton wasn't going to let it slide. Enter: His spot-on reference to the most popular topic of this past season.

As spotted by @CommentsByBachelor, Colton responded to the naysayer, saying, "Listen Barb. We don't need your energy here."

It's pretty safe to assume "Barb" refers to Barbra Weber, who became famous during the tail end of her son Peter's time as the series' lead. After her on-screen argument with Madison Prewett, Barb officially became the star of Season 24. Between tweets, memes, and now a dating trend named after her, Barb has caused a major ripple among fans for being the mom who always spoke her mind whether they (or her son) like it or not.


Colton's clapback to the Instagram comment was a clever nod to the franchise and a way to say he doesn't care who isn't a fan of his love; at the end of the day, the relationship is about him and Cassie. Once the roses are handed out and the filming stops, the most important thing for these contestants is their happiness, and from the looks of it, no one is going to take from Cassie and Colton's relationship bliss.