Neon Christmas

These 3 Signs Will Have The Best Christmas, & There's So Much To Celebrate

Between the glistening ornaments and the refreshing feeling when you breathe in the scent of balsam and fir, what's not to love about Christmas? Between wrapping presents that you've spent weeks collecting for your loved ones and unwrapping the the ones they selected for you, how could you not swoon? Well, as beautiful and serene that Christmas is, it can also be an overwhelming and even stressful process. After all, it requires a long list of to-do items, it costs a lot of money, and visits with family are often fraught with pressure. Luckily, this year, the good definitely outweighs the bad, especially if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best Christmas 2020. Sing a carol to celebrate if you happen to be a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, because this year, Santa's gift to you is cosmic.

This year, Christmas takes place on a Taurus moon, which makes the vibes so cozy and luxurious. In fact, if I had the job of selecting the astrology for Christmas myself, I would have definitely chosen a Taurus moon. And that's not all — on Dec. 25, Mercury — planet of communication — is also forming a trine with innovative and electric Uranus, zapping this year's Christmas with a fun and frisky streak. You might even spend the evening breaking traditions and creating new ones. In the words of Phyllis Vance from The Office: "This isn't your grandmother's Christmas party."

Even though the moon is also squaring off with the heavy Saturn-Jupiter conjunction (aka The Great Conjunction or "Christmas Star") — putting a strain on the emotional flow — it also increases the impact this year's Christmas will leave on you. In fact, it might be one that you'll never want to forget.


Taurus: You're Feeling Emotionally Realigned And Open To Love

If anyone's being affected by this year's Christmas this year, it's you, Taurus. With the moon in your first house of the self as it connects with unpredictable Uranus and brainy Mercury, this Christmas is inspiring you to try something new. Even if you've done Christmas a very specific way all your life, this Christmas is encouraging you to embrace a part of yourself that you may never have known existed. You might walk away from the experience feeling like you discovered something beautiful about yourself or gained a deeper sense of independence.

Virgo: You're Definitely Spreading The Holiday Cheer

You know who's keeping the party going and making sure everyone's having a great time? This year, it's you, Virgo. Christmas 2020 is tapping into your creative streak and encouraging you to express yourself artistically, whether you do that by telling hilarious stories at dinner, killing it at Christmas carol karaoke, or wearing the coolest outfit, people will definitely be impressed by your presence — even if it's over Zoom. Don't repress yourself or tailor your personality to fit in, because your unique and authentic self is what's really selling.

Capricorn: You're The Star On Top Of The Christmas Tree

Christmas is always the best holiday ever for you. Why? Well, it takes place during Capricorn season, of course. This is your territory, after all. You're also going into this Christmas feeling exceptionally confident and quirky. In fact, you might even feel totally inspired by all this time spent with your family and loved ones (even if it's virtually). You're looking back on the year and realizing how much you've grown and how different this Christmas is from the last. For better or worse, you've grown so much and become a deeper and purer version of yourself. Spend time honoring that.