Chrissy Teigen's Tweet About The Super Bowl Says Exactly What We're All Thinking

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Once again, Chrissy Teigen is all of us. She spoke her mind on Twitter during Super Bowl LII, and I honestly couldn't agree with her more. Take a look at Chrissy Teigen's tweet about the Super Bowl, and I guarantee you'll feel the same way — especially if football isn't exactly your thing.

Just before the first half ended, Teigen tweeted about the mundane football game that's taking place between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. Apparently, she's bored AF (I am too, girl). In a tweet, Teigen said, "This could have everything to do with th fact I'm not drinking but this feels very...uneventful." TBH, she nailed it. I'm also watching without a drink at hand, and I'm pretty bored. Maybe it's because I don't know anything about football, or maybe it's the fact that all I really care about tonight is Justin Timberlake. Either way, I'm freaking bored.

Luckily, I'm not the only one relating to Teigen on this one. After she confessed to how unexcited and sober she feels, Twitter chimed in with similar reactions. Some people were just stoked for Timberlake's performance, while others completely agreed with her and said that even drinking couldn't make the game less boring. I guess some people just weren't meant to be Super Bowl enthusiasts (myself included).

However, one Twitter user replying to Teigen really struck a chord with me. He said that Chrissy should do the Super Bowl halftime show next year, and I kind of agree. Mind you, I don't know if this dude was being serious or sarcastic, but I'd definitely rather watch Teigen being hilarious than an actual football game. It'd definitely make the night more eventful, and that's a fact.

Speaking of the halftime show, let's take a moment and talk about Justin Timberlake. His performance was straight fire, and hopefully Teigen became a little more enthused once he took the stage. His setlist didn't include any *NSYNC throwbacks (sad, I know) — but it did have all of my favorite JT hits, including "Filthy," "Rock Your Body," "SexyBack," "My Love," "Cry Me A River," "Suit & Tie," "I Would Die 4 You" by Prince, "Mirrors," and "Can't Stop The Feeling." If you accidentally took a bathroom break during the show and missed it, you should probably watch it immediately. Thankfully, people already started uploading videos of the performance to Twitter. You're welcome.

Alright, enough about Timberlake — let's get back to Teigen. Apparently, the epic halftime show didn't change her mind about the "uneventful" game, because she hasn't tweeted since her dismal-sounding confession during the first half. Either she didn't dig the performance, or she turned the game off before the singing even started (which, again, I don't blame her).

In case you didn't connect the dots, there's a reason why Teigen isn't drinking right now. The model is currently pregnant with her second child, and we all know that drinking during a pregnancy is a big no-no. Teigen and her musician husband — the one and only John Legend — are expecting again. Yes, this means Luna will be a big sister, and I'm so freaking excited for her. News broke about Teigen's pregnancy on Nov. 21, 2017.

So, are Teigen and Legend expecting a girl or a boy? According to a recent Instagram photo she posted, the adorable family will be welcoming a son! The post shows Teigen holding her baby bump in a sequent dress on the night of the Grammys, with the caption "mama and her baby boy." SO CUTE.

It's obvious Chrissy has a lot on her plate right now, and if she isn't enjoying the Super Bowl, she has every right speak her mind about it. (I still agree that the game itself is uneventful AF, though.)