Chris & Katherine's 'Avengers' Body Language Gives Me Hope For Their Marriage

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Just a little over three months after announcing their engagement, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger's Avengers premiere body languageon April 22 makes me feel super hopeful about what's to come for the couple. This event marks the first time the soon-to-be married couple has made an official public appearance together and, according to the analysis of Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point, it looks like the two are doing better than ever.

OK, first, let me backtrack for a second for those of you who may not be super up-to-date on the whole Chris Pratt/Katherine Schwarzenegger thing. Rumors of their relationship started swirling not long ago in June 2018 when the two were spotted enjoying a picnic together in Santa Barbara, California. Then, it came out that the picnic reportedly wasn't their first date. Then Schwarzenegger was spotted tagging along with Pratt, his ex wife Anna Faris, and her new beau to take Pratt's son with Faris, Jack, trick-or-treating on Halloween 2018.

Then, just in case anyone was doubting if they were the real thing, Pratt made them Instagram official by posting a super cute collage in honor of Schwarzenegger's birthday. And then, boom, he proposed in January 2019!

And now here we are at their first public appearance together just a few months later. So, yeah, it's been a whirlwind. But it seems like the whirlwind romance has worked out well for them! Check out Brown's thoughts below:

They're Happy To Be With Each Other
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OK, this picture has a few things going on so let's unpack it a little bit. First and foremost, let's start off with Schwarzenegger, who appears to be super pumped to be there with her husband-to-be. "We sure do see a huge smile from her," says Brown.

Then there's Pratt who isn't necessarily as pumped to be at the event, but is definitely showing interest in his bride-to-be. "He’s guarding a bit from the cameras but sure is pulling her in close," notes Brown.

That being said, Pratt's attention in this picture isn't fully focused on Schwarzenegger. "One of his feet is pointed towards the cameras and the other towards her so inside his attention is split," Brown explains. I mean, to be fair, this is a work event for Pratt. It would probably be great if he could just turn it into a trip to lover's paradise with his bae, but that's unfortunately not an option. He does have to be mindful of the cameras.

They're Solid
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Here's a cute little super relatable snap of them standing-by-side looking hot as ever while dozens of onlookers stare at them in total awe.

And yet, despite all of the hoopla surrounding them, Schwarzenegger and Pratt still look like they're a united front. "This shows a solid couple," Brown says of the image.

What makes them so solid in this particular photo, you ask? Well, for starters, Brown notes that Pratt looks genuinely happy to be by Schwarzenegger's side. "I think he’s about to show a big smile as he pulls her in close," she says of Pratt.

And then there's the fact that, even though he doesn't necessarily want to be at the event, he still wants to be with her. "Their shoulders are angled towards each other but we still see one of his feet pointing away," explains Brown. "So part of him wants to get out of there."

Again, this is a work event for Pratt! Can you really blame him for wanting to leave? The good thing is that he has Schwarzenegger by his side and he seems to be happy to have her there. And, TBH, I don't think there's any better sign for a couple about to get married! Even when you're annoyed or don't want to be somewhere, you're still happy because you have your partner by your side. Love! It's a magical thing.