Chris Bukowski and Katrina Badowski's astrological compatibility is not ideal

Chris Bukowski & Katrina Badowski's Astrological Compatibility Is Tricky

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If you're a loyal member of Bachelor Nation, then you're probably familiar with Chris Bukowski. Originally, he was a contestant on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette, and he went on to participate in three seasons of Bachelor in Paradise (and to make a cameo on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette), earning him the most appearances of any Bachelor Nation contestant. But while none of those appearances led to a lasting relationship, he may have finally found love off-screen with a contestant from Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor. Chris Bukowski and Katrina Badowski's astrological compatibility isn't initially promising, but these two might find a way to navigate their astrological differences.

Bukowski was born on Sept. 10, which makes him a hard-working, self-critical, highly responsible Virgo. Badowski's birthday falls on March 31, making her an impulsive, energetic, and unapologetic Aries. The "Owskis," as they've dubbed themselves, first sparked dating rumors just about two months after Bukowski announced his split from fellow BiP season 6 contestant Katie Morton, and on March 2, the two made their official Insta debut. The Bachelor Nation alums make a pretty cute couple, but their mismatched astrological signs might just cause some trouble down the road.

Like most Virgos, Bukowski has proven himself to be level-headed and down-to-earth. After failing to find love with Maynard, being dismissed by Dorfman, and opting to depart from BiP twice, Bukowski announced his retirement from the franchise in an open letter back in 2015. He noted that his competitive nature had gotten the best of him and that he'd lost his sense of self. "I want to be the 'grown-*ss man' I was before I was a reality television star," he wrote. "I want to make my parents proud, my sisters proud, and my friends proud. And I will." If there's anyone you can count on to take responsibility, after all, it's a Virgo.

But of course, being an endlessly patient and tenacious Virgo, Bukowski ended up returning to TV after a four-year hiatus to join BiP season 6, which is where he met Morton. It seemed like Bukowski's persistence had finally paid off... until the couple called off the engagement a few months after the finale aired. In his Instagram post following the breakup, Bukowski shared his rationale, saying, "One of the many lessons this life has taught us is that it's OK to be stubborn in the pursuit of happiness. To fight for what is real and good, and that oftentimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same." Spoken like a true Virgo.

Unlike Virgos, who overthink everything, Aries rarely consider consequences before acting. These restless, energetic individuals value hard work just as much as Virgos, but an Aries is far more likely to take action and far less likely to feel regret. Even though Badowski's time with Weber was short-lived, you probably recall the bold (and super sexual) way the pro dancer introduced herself at the beginning of the series. After presenting Weber with a picture of her beloved Sphynx, Jasmine, she said, "You're going to fall in love with my hairless pussy… cat," and honestly, I couldn't think of a more Aries intro than that.

Sadly, she was sent home that same night, but Badowski didn't express any regret about taking a chance. While Bukowski expressed regret and shame over his lack of reality TV success, Badowski owned her appearance like an Aries queen. In a long Instagram caption posted after her exit, Badowski said, "When you operate in your authenticity, what's meant for you will find you, and what's not meant for you will redirect you." She also couldn't resist from adding, "...I have absolutely no doubt that I will find someone to love and cherish me and my hairless pussy." Mic drop.

While it's unclear whether the unapologetic Badowski and the very apologetic Bukowski will be able to make things work long-term, I'm definitely rooting for these two. In the best Aries-Virgo pairings, a Virgo can teach an Aries how to slow down and consider their actions, while an Aries can show a Virgo the joy of loosening up and caring less about the opinion of others. Here's hoping that Bukowski's reality TV days are finally over, and that Badowski has finally found someone to appreciate her hairless pussy... cat.

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