You'll Never Believe Cassie's Disguise To See Colton While 'The Bachelor' Was Airing

by Christy Piña

"The most dramatic season" of the The Bachelor is now over, my friends, and the rollercoaster of emotions we all felt during the last few episodes is finally done. Colton and Cassie are together and have been for the last few months since they finished filming. After filming ends and that season's couple goes riding off into the sunset, no one can know about their relationship. They're forced to keep it a secret until the finale airs, and bachelors and bachelorettes of the past have come up with some pretty creative ways to do so. Cassie's disguise to go see Colton before the Season 23 finale is priceless, and actually hides her identity so well.

But before we get to that, in case you missed The Bachelor two-part season finale, here's what went down. After saying goodbye to Hannah G. and Tayshia in part one of the finale, Colton makes his way to Cassie's hotel room to talk to her about giving their relationship a second chance and taking things "day by day," to which she basically replies that she doesn't want him to miss out on anything that she can't give him, and he assures her that "compromise" and "sacrifice" are part of love. Then, they kiss, and live happily ever after, right? Well, sort of.

Colton invites Cassie to Spain to visit his family, which the final two were supposed to do. She goes, and of course, as the lone woman standing. Colton's family is a little hesitant, considering, you know, she already left him once, but I digress. They get through the family meet-and-greet, maybe (?) hookup, and decide to leave The Bachelor as boyfriend and girlfriend. But for a few months, they had to find a way to see each other in secret, which brings us back to Cassie's killer disguise. Are you ready?

That's right, Cassie dressed up as the iconic Edna Mode to sneak around Southern California, where Cassie and Colton now both reside, to see her not-so-Bachelor boo. NGL, she can totally pull off the black bob and sunglasses. Not to mention, I would have no idea who she was if I saw her walking through the streets in this disguise. Colton reposted the story above to his own Instagram and wrote, "Dead. I still think you look so good, Cass." I think so, too, Colton!

So, now that the secret's out, both Colton and Cassie are publicizing their love all over social media, and it's actually so cute, starting with Cassie's first post about Colton. She captioned a mirror selfie of them kissing, saying, "Colton, you truly have my heart ♥️ Walking into this experience, I honestly wasn’t sure that true love could come from it. It hasn’t necessarily been the easiest road to get to where we are, but if that’s what it took to get here, then every single twist and turn has been undeniably WORTH IT." And honestly, it makes me want to root for them so hard.

For now, Colton and Cassie are two people in love who want to make the most of their time together. But eventually, they might be more than just boyfriend and girlfriend. "She doesn’t have a ring on her finger yet. But she will, one day," he told PEOPLE. And Cassie echoed his sentiments. "We definitely talk about our future engagement," she said. "We’re both excited to get to that point." We're also excited to get to that point, Cass. In the meantime, I guess we'll just have to follow their relationship via social media, and I'm fine with that. Here's to Colton and Cassie.