This Eagles QB Proposed To His GF After The Super Bowl & The Pics Are Incredible

by Candice Jalili
Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Imagine the best week of your life. What would happen? Where would you be? For me, I would get a book deal worth millions, and then, I would go home and tell my friends and family what just happened. After telling my friends and family about my winnings, I would treat them all to a trip to St. Barths, where we would all live it up. But the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback just gave me a run for my money with his ring-filled past 72 hours. Carson Wentz proposed to his girlfriend, Maddie, yesterday in what looked like a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

Just the fairy-tale proposal in and of itself would be enough for most people to be calling it a dream weekend, but Wentz has had a particularly wonderful past few days. Why, you ask? Well, though he wasn't able to play due to an injury, his football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, won the Super Bowl this past Sunday, Feb. 4. He even acknowledged the fact that he and his bae were both snagging rings in his caption for his post:

She said YES! And now Maddie and I both got us a ring can’t wait to marry my best friend! God is doing some amazing things and I can’t thank him enough!

I mean... HOW MAGICAL!?!?

Some fans were a little concerned about the short duration of Wentz's relationship with Maddie.

But I'm not concerned. It seems Maddie has stuck by Wentz's side through thick and thin. Just a couple of months ago, in Dec. 2017, Wentz posted a picture of himself cheesing with Maddie after his surgery to mend his ACL injury. He wrote along with the post on his Instagram account:

Surgery ✔️ the comeback officially begins now! The Lord truly blessed me with this beautiful young lady to walk by my side and support me through all of this! #comeback#grateful

People who have met Maddie also confirmed that she's a great gal.

As if they weren't already cute enough, the couple also spent a pretty freaking adorable Christmas together at home with his family. Along with a picture of them decorating cookies together, Wentz wrote in a caption:

New Christmas tradition at the Wentz house! Gingerbread cookie decorating battle... because everything is a competition... even on Christmas 😎 safe to say Maddie and I took the cake on this one 🙌🏼 Merry Christmas everybody!


Needless to say, Eagles fans are overjoyed for their quarterback's engagement.

More importantly, they're pumped he was able to get down on one knee.

One fan identified the castle they got engaged at and provided us with an aerial view.

What he just did was "legendary."

The fact that his proposal took place on a freaking castle was not lost on anyone.

This guy is trying to get in on the wedding... I wonder how his SO feels about the option.

Obviously, fans were paying close attention to which knee he was kneeling on.

They just want him to be careful!

They're really concerned.

They honestly think they need him as much as Maddie does.

He singlehandedly changed this fan's "entire view" of the NFL.

This guy's trying to be his best man.

He's having the BEST YEAR EVER.

Congrats to the happy couple and cheers to Carson Wentz having a better 2018 than all of us combined... even with a torn ACL.

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