This Guy Used Math To Settle An Argument With His GF & It's Actually Hilarious

by Candice Jalili

Usually, there are only three real ways to end an argument with your partner. The most common ways would be that either they admit they were wrong or you admit you were wrong. Then, for some particularly self-aware couples, you can have the surprise ending where you both admit you were wrong in certain ways. But what are you supposed to do when you and your partner both think you're right and refuse to budge on your stance? Well, one dude had an interesting idea, and I'm fully on board with it. Yes, Carlos Halili used math to end an argument with his girlfriend where they both strongly believed they were in the right. And his reasoning (while not entirely sound) is pretty hilarious.

Carlos, 17, and his girlfriend Bree Kunihiro, 16, are from Honolulu. One night, before bed, Carlos texted Bree asking if they were still on for a plan to go to the mall the next day. Bree wasn't really in the best of moods, so she responded to Carlos saying, "But I'm mad," to which Carlos initially responded, "Yeah me too."

"My boyfriend and I weren’t really 'mad,' because we never really get into huge arguments," Bree explained to BuzzFeed News. "We’re really comfortable with each other so we do express if we’re irritated or in a not-so-great mood, then that makes the other person in the same negative mood and it can make us become irritated with each other."

After Carlos revealed that he, too, was "mad," Bree decided that their plans for the mall should be a no-go due to their mutual madness. But Carlos wasn't about to accept that as a solid excuse. No, instead, in the best power move I've ever seen, he retorted, "Yes that cancels out cus pemdas." He then followed that text up with, "See u tomorrow goodnight love u." What a boss.

Bree posted their hilarious exchange to Twitter, where it has obviously gone viral.

For the most part, people were really were loving Carlos' hilarious response.

There's just one little issue people had with his response... and that's with his math.

If middle school math wasn't your strong suit and you're having a hard time figuring out where Carlos' math faltered let me give you a little refresher. PEMDAS (aka Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) is a math acronym that helps students remember the order of operations: parenthesis, exponents, multiplication/division, and addition/subtraction. Why? Because you need to know what takes precedence when you're solving a long math equation.

If you're keeping up, I'm sure you've realized that, unfortunately, nothing about PEMDAS has anything to do with negatives canceling each other out, so that's why people aren't quite pleased with Carlos' mathematical logic. But, according to Bree, the fact that it didn't even make sense is what made Carlos' text extra funny. "I am familiar with PEMDAS from math — it's an order of operations to solve certain problems, which is why it made no sense at all when he said it, but that's what made it funny," Bree explained to BuzzFeed News.

In fact, according to Carlos, the joke was so funny that it made Bree forget the entire argument. "She thought it was pretty funny, so she totally forgot why she was mad," he told BuzzFeed News. Of his haters, Carlos said, "It was a joke and I’m aware PEMDAS isn’t the right concept."

Despite his faulty math, BuzzFeed News reported that the two did go to the mall together after all. "We did end up going to the mall the next day, and had a great time," Bree said. "No matter how mad we are over text, we can’t keep that anger when we see each other in person. It’s always fun when we’re around each other." DAWWWWWW.

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