If You Have The iPhone 7, You'll Be Missing Out On This New iPhone Feature

Whenever Apple releases a handful of iPhones, the urge to purchase an upgrade is almost unbearable. Between new colors, impressive features, and additional storage space, the temptation is real. However, one iPhone feature that recently became available might convince you to empty your wallet at the nearest Apple location. I'm talking about Memojis, the personalized animations that will mimic your each and every facial expression. Those of you who haven't purchased any new devices in recent months might be wondering if you can make a Memoji with iPhone 7. Well, if you're a "7" user, brace yourself for some disappointing news.

Unfortunately, iPhone 7 owners will not be able to make their own Memojis. Why? Because the phone isn't equipped with a camera that's able to make 'em happen. In order to make a Memoji, the iPhone user must be using a device that has a TrueDepth camera. For reference, a TrueDepth camera is able to use scan users' faces to make things like Face ID and Animojis possible. As you probably know, the iPhone 7 does not have a TrueDepth camera, and is therefore unable to provide users with Memoji capabilities.

I know, it's a total bummer. But look on the bright side: Regardless of which iPhone you have, you'll still be able to receive Memoji videos from your friends!

So, which iPhone users can make Memojis? According to Apple, those using an iPhone X or later can partake in the virtual fun. Thankfully, Apple recently released a handful of new iPhones that can use the feature, which include the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. This means you have a ton of options to choose from if you're hoping to upgrade from your iPhone 7 soon. Just keep in mind that there are rumors about the iPhone X being discontinued in the future — so keep your eyes on the newbies. Elite Daily reached out to Apple for comment on the rumors, but did not hear back by time of publication.

Regardless of which new iPhone you use, you should keep one thing in mind: Memojis will only be available on your phone if you're running on the new iOS 12, so make sure your device is updated. I, for instance, couldn't find the Memoji feature on my iPhone X. Then, I realized I haven't updated my device in a few weeks (oops). If you're anything like me and still need to download the new iOS 12, you can find it in your phone's settings under "General." There, you'll have to click "Software Update," and an option to download iOS 12 should appear on your screen.


One more feature that might convince iPhone 7 users to make the transition to an iPhone X or later is the ability to make Animojis. Animojis are similar to Memojis — but users aren't able to customize them. Instead, users have a few animal/creature options, like the unicorn and koala, to choose from while they're iMessaging their friends. Even though Animojis don't look exactly like the iPhone user, they're still fun to play with.

If you're not impressed with Memojis or Animojis, feel free to keep your iPhone 7. There's nothing wrong with a good old emoji conversation, so stick to the basics.