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BTS Now Has "Dynamite"-Inspired Temporary Tattoos, So Get Your Arms Ready, ARMYs

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BTS is only a couple months away from releasing an entirely new album of jams called BTS, The Best, but you're still hooked on the group's 2020 hit "Dynamite." The hot single introduced a lot of newbs to the boy band, and is likely the reason why your phone background is a collage of the seven BTS members. Well, here's the latest 411, ARMYs: You can turn your arm into a BTS collage, too — with BTS' Inkbox temporary tattoos collection.

The BTS temporary tattoos collection is the latest and greatest merch to hit digital shelves, and is totally inspired by "Dynamite." The packaging is covered in retro designs and colors that'll remind you of the music video — which, as of April 2021, has more than 1 billion views on YouTube. As you're applying each tattoo, you'll be brought back to scenes where the band is dancing on a basketball court with a pastel mural with a 2000s vibe, and singing about being "in the stars tonight."

Of course, you may also be thinking about your favorite member of BTS, and how they shined during BTS' 2021 Grammys performance. That performance, which featured a live version of "Dynamite," was both magical and historical, because the group became the first-ever Korean artists to get a solo performance at the award show.

You probably would have sported these temporary tattoos that night to send good vibes their way. Show your love and support by snagging one of these BTS temporary tattoos now, and prepping your arms for a cute #OOTD post and fun afternoon of watching interviews on YouTube.

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There are 11 temporary tattoos in the collection in total. Although your love for BTS is anything but temporary, the tattoos are made to last for one to two weeks, according to Inkbox's website. Each has a pop-disco look and feel, and you can put multiple on your arm at once if you want to truly show your BTS pride. Some of the designs include retro flowers, shooting stars, and the "Dynamite" sign.

There are also individual silhouettes of each of the band members — Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Suga, RM, and Jin — striking one of their iconic poses. Apply your favorite member by wiping off your skin with the primer wipe, and peeling off the back of the tattoo. Lay the sticky side on your skin, remove the thin border, and then wait for a full hour. Once the hour is complete, you can remove the rest of the tattoo, and reveal a blue-ish outline of your fave member dancing.

Inkbox notes that the tattoo will get darker the following 24 hours — so don't stress if it doesn't pop right away. Plan to show it off when you wake up the next morning, and tag your favorite band member in an IG story or post. You can lay your arm next to the special "Dynamite" print that's included in your purchase for a super creative and BTS-lovin' pic.

Each order includes one of three special edition prints, slipped into the BTS-inspired packaging that's made of sustainable materials. The prints are free with your order, and the individual temporary tattoos cost $16 to $20, depending on which one you buy. If you want to purchase all of the tattoos, the entire set costs $130.

BTS' Inkbox temporary tattoos collection is available to shop on April 14, on the Inkbox website. Run, don't walk, so you can snag at least one star or retro flower. After all, ARMYs have a history of scooping up each BTS collaboration. This collection will likely be no different.

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