BTS' "Black Swan" Dance Practice Video

Jimin's Man Bun Took Center Stage In BTS' New "Black Swan" Practice Video


Following BTS' debut performance of "Black Swan" on The Late Late Show With James Corden, the guys shared a behind-the-scenes clip from their rehearsal — and it's truly mesmerizing. With no fancy props or backdrop in sight, BTS' "Black Swan" dance practice puts the focus on the group's elegant movements alone. The three-minute video will keep you entranced the whole way through, especially because it lets Jimin's man bun shine.

On Friday, Feb. 7, BTS uploaded their dance practice video to their BANGTANTV YouTube channel. The video shows RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook performing their new single barefoot wearing casual practice clothes.

Before their performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday, Jan. 28, the group teased their "Black Swan" choreography on their Instagram, which also showed Jimin rocking a ponytail. Since BTS rarely used their IG in the past, fans believed the dance rehearsal was actually in preparation for their rumored solo Grammys performance. Ariana Grande then posted a photo with BTS revealing she bumped into them during rehearsal, and, since Grande was on the Grammys performance lineup, it only fueled the rumors even more.

As it turns out, the rehearsal was actually for the Late Late Show after all. Ahead of their appearance, Grande gushed about the group's choreography. "Honestly...... i was able to watch them rehearse for something and it was the most incredible thing i’ve ever seen i’m not kidding," she wrote. "I was screaming. i couldn’t stop talking about it / still can’t."

BTS' "Black Swan" performance did not disappoint, as it showcased the guys' contemporary dance skills. Their eerie performance was emphasized by a forest backdrop, a floor projection of a lake, and the guys' all-black outfits.

Watch it below.

Now, a week since their debut performance of the song, BTS shared their "Black Swan" dance rehearsal video. Without all the extra stage setup in the background, fans can focus on BTS' choreography alone.

Watch the impressive video below.

A stand-out element of the clip was none other than Jimin's man bun/ponytail. Just check out ARMYs' tweets about it:

With BTS' "Black Swan" choreo being so intricate and captivating, fans can't wait to see the choreo for the group's lead single next.